No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. This proved but a temporary setback for Olgierd, who simply placed his decapitated head back on the bloody stump of his neck. You can just jump down through the hole and then Shani will find the key herself and join you after a while. When Ofieri warriors come under the deck, correctly say "Take me to your captain" in their language and you will receive additional XP - correct answer is "...alle'khe uhl eghullath!" There we will need to meet themselves customer, some Olgerd von Everkom. When you regain control of Geralt, you can choose to either defeat the Ofieri warriors, or run away until you’re clear of the captors. He promised to visit her as soon as he took care of his task, and kept his promise – but not before going on quite the detour. If you have a Northern Wind bomb, you can chuck it at the monster to freeze him in place, allowing you enough time to get close and make as many strikes as possible. Covering the best in video gaming. Hop on Roach and begin riding toward the objective marker at the Garin Estate to go see Olgierd von Everec about the contract. As you move toward the Toad Prince, it will leap into the air and slam straight down, so make sure you move out of the way in time. and Dead Man's Party. hide. Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone: Evil's First Soft Touches Quest Walkthrough. There's a point in the Hearts Of Stone expansion pack where you meet a band of cutthroats (alleged soldiers). Unfortunately, they were attacked by it. Speak with Olgierd about the contract, and discuss a reward if you wish. He was thus in no state to resist the unit of heavily armed men led by a mage which suddenly appeared and captured him. “Sounds like a job for me,” thought Geralt, and he set off to see this Olgierd and learn more about the contract. No matter what you answer him at the end, you'll still have to visit Olgierd. In consciousness of the witcher can only come on the ship "Albatross", and locked in a cage. Willing or not, Geralt agreed, and the two set off together to the Garin estate. Continue through the conversations, gleaning as much information as you can. From a conversation with a cellmate witcher, it becomes clear that they are being taken to Ophiore to be executed. On this page. After purchasing the expansion, you will see a new main quest appear in your menu, titled Evil’s Soft First Touches. This area will feature some new locations and additions to the environment that you may wish to note on your journey to the estate. After that, we can head to the location indicated by Gunter and meditate until midnight. There’s quite a few more drowners down there that you’ll have to fight off, so prepare yourself accordingly. But you will manage to free yourself and get a weapon. This is really a huge toad. As a result, we are still assigned to Olgerd, where we will learn all the features of our order. So it looks like Olgierd is immortal. Another Oxenfurt drunk, perhaps? As it turns out, Olgerd himself has the magic. And these stories are based on the fact that a prince who was cursed turns into a toad and descends into underground channels to search for his destiny. Talk to Shani and find out what she knows about the monster in the sewers. Also, be sure to visit our Witcher 4 sub for information and discussion about the next installment in the Witcher franchise. The task "Witcher 3 evil's soft first touches" becomes available as soon as the player installs the Stone Hearts add-on on his game client. As soon as the whole strip of Olgerd's life comes to an end, a video clip begins, in which the witcher kills the chieftain, but he, by virtue of his magical abilities, remains alive. The purpose of its location in such a dysfunctional place is to get the mucus of the abominable monster and prepare an active antidote. However, I'm confused by a couple things in the first quest "Evil's Soft First Touches." The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt > General Discussions > Topic Details. After purchasing the expansion, you will see a new main quest appear in your menu, titled Evil’s Soft First Touches. Shani will tell you a little more about the attack and you will come to the conclusion that the monster had to go through the nearby hole leading to the lower level of the sewers. Near the burning manor two of Olgierd’s men were setting up the execution of a third. TOP 10 - Best computer Gaming Desk | Gamer Command Center, Best Gaming Lapboards - 2020 | Comparison the Best | xGamers, Best Gaming Laptop for $1000 - 2020 | Comparison Table | Buyer’s Guide | xGamers, The Witcher 3 Console Command | List Cheat Codes | How to enable the console, An Eye for an Eye Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences, The Witcher 3: Shani's House Location | Who is Shani and How to Find Her, Quest "Unpaid debt" in the game The Witcher: the passage and consequences of choice, Now or Never Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences, A Towerful of Mice The Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Best choice | All endings, Witcher 3 Whispering Hillock | Best choice, A Deadly Plot - The Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences, Fencing Lessons Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | All Endings, Reason of State Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences. It then became crystal clear Geralt was dealing with no mere mortal. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Evil’s Soft First Touches You begin this quest by visiting the Von Everec estate after reading the board at the Seven Cats Inn. But such intervention outraged the bandits, to which they asked the gray-haired war to leave. Begin this quest by travelling to the Seven Cats Inn just southeast of Novigrad. After that we get our payment for being destroyed in the channels of a terrible monster. FIFA 21 Review: One Final Shot The most dangerous enemy will be the mage, be sure to avoid his sand tornado. Little did he know this was to be the beginning of a great adventure, one filled with both delightful diversions and deadly dangers…. You can get this task near the inn Seven cats on a special bulletin board under Novigrad. He will reveal that it was Olgierd who turned the prince into a monster, and he did it because he was jealous of the woman. Geralt intervened in the process of execution, and politely asked to leave the poor guy alone. You’ve finally found the monster’s lair. Double Fine's LucasArts Remasters Are All Coming to Game Pass Soon. It turns out that in order to complete our quest, we will have to fulfill three of any desires of the ataman. According to Günther, Olgerd appeared to him several years ago, all exhausted and asked for help. What's Your Favorite Console Boot-Up Sequence? Main Quest: Evil's Soft First Touches (HOS) Did we miss anything in this location? Geralt was wracking his brain for a way to jump out of this pot of trouble, when, suddenly, out of the shadows came Gaunter O’Dimm, a merchant Geralt had met earlier on his path, with an offer of help. This grave – deadly, it would seem – wound did not bother Olgierd one bit. Naturally, we help her in this difficult task. We show you how to find the deadly Onyx Wolf and the best approach to take once you find it. At this stage, the task "Evil's soft first touches" comes to an end. After a series of events, Geralt wakes up on a beach in the company of some mysterious handlers. Passing through the tunnels to the sound, Geralt sees an interesting picture. When you get there, you will meet some of his companions first. 505 Games Ends Indivisible Production in Wake of Lab Zero's Dissolution, The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone - Dead Man’s Party, The Witcher 3: Hearts of Sone Walkthrough and Guide. Actually, for this reason, Olgerd asks for revenge on the underground monster. Don’t drop down just yet. Geralt will need to carefully examine the body of the dead.  |  Before you faint completely, you will see that the monster has turned into a human being and Ofieri warriors have entered the sewers. But thanks to the mutations, the witcher only loses consciousness. The toad has several attacking techniques: jump, poisonous spittle and tongue attack. He will tell you about the pact he made with Olgierd von Everec and that now, when it's time to pay, Olgierd is shirking his obligations. Terms of the transaction and three wishes of Olgerd, Video of the quest "Evil's soft first touches" in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Copyright and the procedure for placing Flash games, 10 Best Monitors for Photo Editing | Comparison Chart | Buying Guide | How to Choose the Right Monitor for Photo Editing, Best Gaming PC Build Under $1000 | xGamers, Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers | Buying Guide | Comparison Chart | FAQ. Abandon this quest will not be possible, so we only remain, as the next meeting with Olgerd. Buy it on Amazon! Microsoft Wants to Keep GameStop Around a Little Longer. You’re sent to Oxenfurt to dispatch a monster in the sewers. If you want to avoid this fight, answer them "Amusing, really, but I'm here on business." After Geralt and Gaunter part ways, the quest concludes. You will wake up on the beach, tied up and dragged by Ofieri warriors. And about the third desire, the ataman decided to postpone and tell us him only then, as soon as we fulfill two of his previous wishes. Prepare to fight off several handfuls of drowners as you make your way through the sewer corridors. Sign up to get the best content, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. Temtem: Saipark Safari This Week (17th August - 23th August). Go to the Seven Cats Inn Notice Board and start checking the notices pinned on it. Enter the Oxenfurt sewers via the ladder leading down into the well. After a while you will witness a man putting another notice on it - "Contract: Monster in the Sewers". You’ll eventually end up in a new location, and will meet another familiar character. | Contact us. During the duel Olgierd will very often teleport himself in a charge-like manner. You will find the key in the captain's corpse in one of the adjacent rooms. Then he will tell Olgierd that you are his assistant who will carry out his three wishes and he will leave you two alone. Shani will tell you that the gate leading to the lower level is locked, but the captain of the soldiers has a key that can be used to open it. Begin this quest by travelling to the Seven Cats Inn just southeast of Novigrad. When Geralt later told me the story which began at the Seven Cats Inn notice board, he mentioned he had felt drawn to that place, as if some strange, undefined force wanted him to appear there on that day and at that time. Read the rules before posting, be respectful, and have fun! The final and decisive blow of the witcher will be delivered in the scene in which Geralt cuts the monster's belly with a deft blow of the silver blade. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Background This is the first quest in the Hearts of Stone DLC. Turn around from where you found the torch, and locate a body in a small corridor on the opposite wall. The second desire is for his brother Witold to have fun with all his heart, since in the past few years he simply had no such opportunity. When you reach a wooden doorway, head through and walk to the end of the corridor to trigger a cut scene. When Geralt asked what the poor fellow was accused of, Olgierd emerged from the manor. When you kill him by cutting through his stomach, his toxic intestines, which you will be sprayed with, will cause you to start losing consciousness. Evil's Soft First Touches Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quest. During combat, you can take advantage of the fact that the area spells that the mage casts also deal damage to warriors.

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