Chris and Flint are very worried about Wooster's behaviour. Charity Kirby loses her resolve to continue when the train enters prairies swarming with natives. She meets the Chief and his willingness to fight another Indian nation puts her right in the middle of each tribe's pride and customs. Flint tries to dissuade Maud from going through hostile Indian country where there is gold.. She proceeds anyway but is forced to change plans. Watch Wagon Train - Season 4, Episode 5 - The Jose Morales Story: The train meets up with a Mexican gang that is on the rampage in Sioux territory. Later, she reveals she is a bounty hunter looking for William Barrett, a murderer on the run. Colonel Farnsworth, a British surgeon traveling with the train, believes that his country's customs should be used by everyone. When Flint brings a stranded woman and boy to the train, her husband who went off to find help is also found but his return to the train sets off tempers when four men recognize him and their only thought is murder. things. Many others on the train object that he will slow them down, but Hale agrees to let him ride at least until the next settlement, at which time the entire wagon train will vote on whether he should continue. What they don't realize is that the two brothers want to frame Duke Shannon for the thievery, because they blame him for the imprisonment of their father and want revenge for it. Gradually Nellie begins to learn about Wooster and what he is doing and respect begins to develop. Find movie and film cast and crew information for Wagon Train : The Joe Muharich Story (1961) - on AllMovie Who will endure, and who will give up? Adams' bumbling cousin is determined to be a wagon master. With his clever tall tales, old prospector Henry Shannon talks Charlie Wooster into coming with him to search for a gold mine. Hale has just found his entire family massacred by Indians, and Flint asks him to join the wagon train. Polish immigrant Joe Muharich tries to befriend and hopefully straighten out Johnny Kamen, a brash young man who doesn't take well to anyone giving orders to him. Convicted of horse-stealing, Flint receives from Chris 20 lashes followed by banishment from the train. McCullough takes the body back to the nearby town, and finds. But the thugs who harassed Johnny then harass Joe and start fire to his wagon, causing Joe to react by shooting the men and killing one of them. Other members of the wagon train as well as some family members become concerned with her over bearing nature and the level of control she exerts on the family. Hale faces a dilemma as he will lose a freight contract necessary to finance the wagon train if he doesn't hire Brady. After losing one of her children in an accident, a woman is bitter with the wagon train and plans to turn back east, while her husband wishes to continue west. She ends up joining the Hale wagon train on a wagon with one of the bank robbers using it to escape who she was in love with in the past. They run into hostile Indians. He finds everyone in the town she lives in shunning her, and unwilling to discuss her, because they blame her for her husband's misdeeds and the shame he caused the town. A man joins the train with a group of orphan boys in an attempt to escape his past, but it soon catches up with him. It turns out that Barrett is Will Cottrell, the leader of pacifists on the train. Dissatisfied with Charley Wooster, Hale and Hawks push for a new cook - a Chinese cook named Ah Chong. Meanwhile a fanatical man from her past is following her, talking about how she will meet her fate like the biblical Jezebel. Charlie's life undergoes an epiphany when he finds an injured buffalo and the animal befriends him. Kitty Allbright is a registered nurse whose stagecoach is attacked and destroyed. One of the sisters is deaf and mute. She appears to have been a victim of a scavenger attack and is adopted by the train. After being tried by the Wagon Train, Ben is hanged and the Train moves on. 3. When Hawks finds out about this, he rides out after the two men, along with Shannon's grandson Duke. When Johnny accidentally shoots a woman while reacting against drunken thugs, Joe tries to defend him. A retired Captain and ten boys join the wagon train on their way to California. When actress Nellie Jefferson joins the wagon train, her incessant demands for special treatment come to grate on Hale and Hawks, but Wooster is totally smitten with her. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Please read the following before uploading. The Lieutenant also warns that there may be a renegade on the Wagon Train who is warning the Kiowas in exchange for loot. A mountaineer offers to help a young girl reach her father who's dying. This brings Flint into contact with the men who murdered the nobleman. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. The four--The Preacher, Jeff Miller, Mrs. Harness, and Whitey fill in the rest of the story and the truth finally comes out. The Duke Shannon Story [10:53], 1. When Johnny accidentally shoots a woman while reacting against drunken thugs, Joe tries to defend him. Flint and a party of settlers are bogged down by torrential rains. Wagon Train season 4 episode guide on A widower with a young son looks for a new wife. When Flint finds her they begin to rekindle their romance. Major Adams and Bill Hawks then drive a wagon with four suspects away from the train to see what he can find. Clementine Jones is in the process of being thrown out of a town when a bank robbery occurs. A theft is discovered on the train and the suspect is an unfriendly newcomer. 1. As time goes on people on the train begin to have doubts about her story and her mental state. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Flint interrupts a scouting mission to guide the survivors of a native raid to safety. He takes the buffalo, who he calls Clyde, into the wagon train as a pet. Flint agrees to let her use her new skill on the wagon train. Famous actress Nellie jefferson joins the wagon train and Wooster is absolutely enthralled with her and will go to any length to please her. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film … An Army patrol stops them and warns them not to use a particular pass because the Kiowa's are raiding there. The train meets up with a Mexican gang that is on the rampage in Sioux territory. Others, however, don't appreciate the trouble the creature causes. At a Rocky Mountains fort , a wounded soldier asks his old friend Ruddy Blaine to bring his daughter to him before he dies. The wagon train is caught in the middle when a novice colonel slaughters the wrong Indian village.

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