Viewers who only know Brian Keith from pablum like CBS’s Family Affair will be amazed to see how tough he could be in Sam Peckinpah’s series that aired on NBC in 1960. Both prodigal sons are supposed to be their story’s moral compass, but in fact are whiny bores. Readers’ choice: And With Him Came The West (Grasshopper Film), Buffalo Boys (Indonesia, Samuel Goldwyn Films). It’s so convincing because it’s so true: it was in fact TV’s Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore, who took his 11-year-old daughter, Dawn, to visit. Remarkably, the story shaved years off Borgnine’s age, putting him in his 80s, instead of his true age of 95! Realizing they were a day late, they started interviewing the survivors.”. Fresh takes on an iconic real-life Westerner and an iconic Western gunfight were added to the annals of the Cinematic West in 2017. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. If they are not emotionally invested in the thing, it’s zero.”. Particularly memorable is the chilling sequence when Brad Pitt, as Rick’s stunt double, takes a drive out to Spahn Ranch, a dilapidated movie town, to check on his old friend, George Spahn. With The Outsider as his sixth Western, country-music powerhouse Trace Adkins handsomely carries the film as a dirty lawman who must track down a son who is far worse. He understood the true heartbeat of Hollywood, saying, “I don’t care how much hardware you throw at an audience. The theatrical film that brought the most interest to the genre this year was, unexpectedly, not a Western, but a movie about people who make them: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. There were two Western series this year, a 100 percent increase over any year this century. Readers’ Choice: Yellowstone (Paramount Network). Yet for years, he was treated with far too little dignity. In honor of Universal finally jumping on the Technicolor bandwagon 75 years ago, the win, As a horse breaker falsely accused of murder in 1950’s, Viewers who only know Brian Keith from pablum like CBS’s, The 65 Most Important Historical Photos From the McCubbin Collection, What History Has Taught Me: Dan Harshberger. The film industry’s change of heart about its aging actors is heartening for fans and critics to see. The one notable theme that has emerged from this year’s short list of Westerns is the tale of the aging tough guy or, less sentimentally, the “Geezer Redemption Story.”. Henry C. Parke is a screenwriter based in Los Angeles, California, who blogs about Western movies, TV, radio and print news: Much of the story and character comes from Stanton’s life, even the fact that he was a Navy cook in the Pacific during WWII. Each has a closeted gay son lawyer with political aspirations, a loyal and feisty daughter (a granddaughter in Son), plus a married son who left both the family business and his wife and child, but returns to both to help save the empire. By far the best of the foreign Westerns available for viewing is Indonesia’s Buffalo Boys. Elliott’s restrained, but raw, performance has earned him serious talk of an Oscar win. Mom has had enough and leaves for a motel. Bubba, Cody and Booger each have their own specialties—carpentry, rodeo and horse-training respectively—and are partners in a cattle company. !” and began to cry. In The Hero, the in-demand 73-year-old movie icon Sam Elliott plays fictional Western movie icon Lee Hayden. careers, not only carried the picture handsomely, but also established the underlying theme of all such movies: a character sets out to make things right before he dies, often with a willingness to die to accomplish this feat. Borgnine played a man recovering from a stroke, and having to stare down a gang of assisted-living scooter-riding thugs, the lead villain played by Western stalwart Barry Corbin.

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