The Join our Newsletter and stay informed about special offers and new plants! form galls on the buds and flowerheads respectively. The alternate Flowers are produced in late summer and early fall. perennial plant is about 3-7' tall and usually unbranched, Vernonia gigantea (also known as giant ironweed,[1] tall ironweed[2] or ironweed[3]) is a species of perennial plant from family Asteraceae found in United States and Canada. Tall Ironweed is a large showy plant with torch-like magenta flowers topping the tall stalks in late summer. Exposed sand and gravel bars of streams during low water, stream banks, hydric to wet mesic pine flatwoods. Other blooming period occurs from late summer to early fall and lasts about Leaves are alternate, 10 to 30 centimeters (4 to 12 inches) long, and 2 to 4 centimeters (0.75 to 1.5 inches) wide. As its name implies, it is a very tall plant growing anywhere from 5 to 10 feet in height. A scientific synonym of Tall Ironweed is Vernonia The leaves are up to 10 inches long and 2½ inches across, and are ovate. Tall Ironweed can grow between 1 and 3 meters tall with smooth stems and some silky white hairs near the bottom of the leaf base. Ironweed Borer Moth), Perigea xanthioides (Red altissima. It is a great way to attract pollinators because it serves as a late-season nectar source. ), and Polygrammodes langdonalis (Pyralid Moth shape, and their margins are serrated. Ruderal. except near the inflorescence. Yield Data The base of each flowerhead consists of a short [4] The flowers bloom from July to September and are purple coloured. sessile. There is no noticeable floral scent. is dark green and glabrous (or nearly so); the lower surface is a This strongly upright plant can reach heights of 8 feet …. (Ironweeds), especially Vernonia missurica hairy. The central stem is light green or purplish green, terete, and nearly glabrous to pubescent. We use these technologies for Tall ironweed (Vernonia altissma Nutt.) and soil containing loam, clay-loam, silt-loam, or Herbicides with the active ingredient triclopyr (Garlon 3A, Gatlon 4 & Ultra) plus 2,4-D provides 91% or more control over Tall Ironweed. Aster family (Asteraceae). Rich soils. wooded areas to a greater extent than other Vernonia spp. The colorful blooms attract plenty of butterflies and other pollinators. disk florets in its flowerheads as Tall Ironweed (less than 30), but it 1–1½ months. The alternate leaves are densely to moderately distributed along the stem, spreading widely in all directions. Range & Habitat: Photographic those growing in the shade. populations of plants can vary in the number of disk florets per (Missouri Ironweed). (Four-Spotted Tree Cricket) and Conocephalus Standing 4 to 6 feet tall at maturity, ironweed boasts a big garden presence when it begins blooming in late summer. Tall Ironweed is a large showy plant with torch-like magenta flowers topping the tall stalks in late summer. Extension   /   For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This low maintenance wildflower naturalizes easily and is … The edge of a small woodland in Urbana, Illinois. That's because clusters of bright purple flowers decorate its tall stems for 6 weeks or more at the end of the growing season. For chemical control it is important to note that the best time to spray herbicides is when the plant is less than 12 to 15 inches tall and has yet to be mowed. This item has been added to your wishlist. Copyright © 1995-2020, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. They can be found growing in moist soils by the roadsides, and are common in the meadows and open woodlands. lighter shade of green and glabrous, sparsely pubescent, or somewhat The preferred time to apply these herbicides is from late May to August. Additional photos. Description: This perennial plant is about 3-7' tall and usually unbranched, except near the inflorescence. These leaves are up to 9" long and 2½" [5], It is a larval host to the ironweed borer moth (Papaipema cerussata) and the red groundling moth (Perigea xanthioides). (Ironweed Borer Moth), Papaipema limpida (another The × illinoensis (Illinois Ironweed). state it is occasional to absent (see Distribution The plants produce these pink disk flowers that are shaped like flare tubes that flower from July to September. The central stem is light green or The caterpillars of various moths feed on Vernonia green, or brown, broadly ovate in shape, and often finely pubescent or Map). (Ironweed Bud Midge) and peduncles of the flowerheads are usually finely short-pubescent. (Ironweed species), particularly the pith of their stems Another species, Vernonia woodlands, this plant requires occasional disturbance to prevent It prefers moist conditions in full sun, but garden soil with consistent moisture is also well tolerated. Ironweed Small clumps of plants are produced from the It is beloved by pollinators.,,,

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