Each student has their own opinion on different topics, which I would like to be heard regarding the issues they believe are important. Last Year, Jack McConnell chose to expand upon Joseph Sothcott’s idea for the Speak Magazine. From the Editor: Jacob Erceg . Thank you very much for taking the time to read the first Issue of Speak Magazine, wecan’t wait to present issue number two!”. Prospective leaders may fear the possibility of gaining charge of a failing organization, nobody particularly envies the captain of a sinking ship, and yet, by contrast, I am personally daunted by the previous successes of this particular group. For 2020, I have some big shoes to fill, and I am more than open to the challenge which lays in front of me. John Micheal Reyes with ID 2020-00123, Virtual Office of the Administrative Council, Virtual Office of the Basic Education Department, Virtual Office of the College of Arts and Sciences, Virtual Office of the College of Business Administration, Online Office of the College of Computer Studies, Virtual Office of the College of Computer Studies, Virtual Office of the College of Criminology, Virtual Office of the College of Education, Virtual Office of the College of Engineering, Marketing Research - IP ---- SAJULGA'S COPY, Application Software (Word, Spreadsheet, Presentation Skills) - DL, PATH-FIT 3 (31019) Thu 5:30 - 7:30 PM - IP, Business Application & Current Trends in IT - DL, IT Applications Tools for Business - IP (31048), Good Governance & Social Responsibility - A, Intro to Socio w/ Family Planning Population and Drug Education - DL, Administration & Office Management (w/ 200hrs OJT) - DL, History of Muslim Filipinos and the Indigenous People of Mindanao - IP, Social Responsibility & Good Governance - A, Art Appreciation (51006) MW 4:00 - 5:30 - A, Art Appreciation (51032) MW 9 - 10:30 - A, Batayang Estruktura ng Wikang Filipino - IP, History of the Muslim Filipinos and the IPs of Mindanao - IP, Intro to Phil. +27 (0)11 807 5315 The magazine’s goal this year is a natural extension of Speak 2018’s original concept. Our students receive excellent results in NCEA, IB, and IGCSE exams, as well as having access to an incredible range of co-curricular opportunities in sports and the arts. We aim to provide a continual platform upon which the student’s voice is given top priority, with the particular value placed upon displaying the unique and unheard perspectives of the student body. Thank you for your patience in reading my opening letter, I promise the contributions from my peers will not be nearly as dull as I have been. St Peter’s College is a young college that offers a relevant yet diverse education in a co-educational environment. The continuation of this magazine is important to me, as I expect it to inspire future Saint Peter’s men to explore writing, outside of the classroom. For Students Info: DEFAULT ACCOUNT FOR MOODLE Username: firstname.lastname Password: Lastname@idnumberex. Enroling. When introduced by Joseph Sothcott in 2018, it received incredibly positive feedback from his two issues. The articles you read have therefore been freely written because of a student’s wish to share opinions and information they might have. I am proud to attend a school and lead a magazine, that tries to remedy this problem. Please enjoy the third ever edition of Speak magazine. Although we strive for academic excellence, it is our philosophy to prepare our young people holistically and direct their future focused on their strengths and interests. Aktuelle Magazine über St-Peter.at lesen und zahlreiche weitere Magazine auf Yumpu.com entdecken However, Speak aims to counter this thought. At St Peter’s College we also strive to provide a balanced and varied co-curricular environment, representative of the modern and diverse South Africa. I would like to incorporate each of the main aspects of the school in each issue, with additional topics more than welcome. Speak Magazine was created with the vision of a magazine for the students by the students. Joseph Sothcott created two issues of the magazine, which succeeded in being what he described in his opening letter, ‘a place where students can discuss and debate important concerns, as well as have some fun.’. This year, however, I would like to take Speak in new directions. A key focus of this issue is the question of how we students interact with our school and how we might change it for the better.

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