Certainly not. The Rougarou has been haunting the swamps of Louisiana for many years. Cryptozoology reports throughout the area point to several possibilities all ending with monster tales of fantastic creatures. 9) Supernatural phenomena which are not in fact linked in any way, but describe sets of common supernatural occurences and are then falsely attributed to a single common entity or origin. The story goes that these beasts had been human at one time, but they resorted to cannibalism and transformed into wendigo. Motorbikes For Sale Dublin, Even the description of feeling fear once instincts indicate a nearby danger is the same. Because there have been sightings that this creature/being has been seen is many different environments then disappearing with out a sight. We would be delighted to … Susan (CryptoVille), I lived in Louisiana for a few years in a woody back area 2 hours from a town and further from what most call a town and I ran into something while I was rabbit hunting one night stood about 6 or 7 foot tall (I’m 6foot 4 and was at the time the same height) it had red eyes and an evil growl I looked like the worlds biggest black bear at first as it was on all fours but then it stood up and bum rushed me I dropped my squirrel gun and pulled out a pistol I fired 7 rounds into it and it fell back screamed an unearthly scream that terrifies me to today and ran off on two legs I soon after moved to a woody back area in east Texas a out the same deal an hour and a half from a town and nearly 2 and a half from a hospital and the thing followed me I see it fairly often but only at night I watched it walk one night in my field it has a bit of a limp now (I assume from me shooting it) and doesnt really bother me hell of anything I think i gained its respect I’ve watched it kill a feral hog that was bothering my land and a coyote that was killing chickens I dont know if it has any plans for me but I do know i am still scared of it it has caused me no less than two wrecks on the back road by my house and a friend even witnessed it I have since moved to hallsville Texas just two weeks ago and plan to use the old house as a hunting lodge I havent seen it since the move but a neighbor (guy pays me rent to live about 75 yards from the house in a field) said he heard a loud sound and saw what looked like a bear rip my door off its hinges and go inside says he tore it up pretty good I plan to go tomorrow to check on the house and see what happened my neighbor had heard this story before and says he is kind of nervous now it may be angry I left for a city where it cant hide he thinks it may go for him next I dont know but I’ve seen it in multiple forms the large bear like one a huge cat like one and a vaugly humanoid one that terrifies me the most because it looks like a demon straight from hell. CONTACT OUR SHOP Constantia Village, Cape Town +27 21 794 2116 info@petergilder.co.za While most versions of the experience tell of running home, trying to make it inside the door before the monster nipping at your heels can catch you, sometimes the story takes place deep inside the woods, and drives the frightened person out of the dangerous area and to a place of relative safety. … Susan (CryptoVille), It is very real and not a big foot I think it may be demonic in nature and may even latch on one person to hunt at a time I believe one is stalking me read my above comment about what’s going on it’s interesting, […] https://visitcryptoville.com/2014/04/01/what-is-a-rougarou-exactly/ […]. I’m not so sure. When you consider the psychological implications of thousands of years of fear, centuries of instinctual programming about animals and dangers, the harsh environments of the New World, the methods of defense developed by the Haitians attempting to preserve their Voodoo traditions in the midst of Catholic conversion, the rich history of magical forces and strong magic users in this area… it doesn’t become so difficult to imagine that there is something more to the stories of the loup-garou, whether it be in his form as the ape-man, the big black dog, or the wolf of the woods. But now that I think about it, that would give him away. It shows people what their bad actions can bring on themselves. I think the loup-garou you have profiled here is a combination of stories about different creatures, cryptids, legends, and phenomenon. … Susan (CryptoVille), Thanks for your kind words! Looking forward to it! Now this is where the two versions split, and I believe what is being referred to as the “loup-garou” or “rougarou” is actually two different things. The legends of Rougarou are mentioned by many cajuns and by other southern. Some stories about Rugaru come from French werewolf legends, some are adaptations of Algonquian Windigo legends about man-eating ice monsters, and some are combinations of the two. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Global Call for DNA Evidence of Cryptids via Loren Coleman, University Professor Claims Fairies Do Exist, Happy Halloween from CryptoVille!! It’s a frustrating journey, but at least with Bigfoot, I believe we’re getting some good evidence thanks to the efforts of some really good and seasoned researchers. Back to Native American Legends Please also stop by our Facebook page, CryptoVille, where we share all manner of strange, beautiful, and sometimes silly things related to all things cryptid! Brisa Detergent Reviews, Blasting out words that didn’t make sense with a Force SO Powerful that it Defied All Sensible Comprehension! She was terrified and broke out into a run and did not stop running until she got home. I have an intense interest in our unique supernatural history, with the blending of Cajun, Creole, French, Haitian, Spanish, British, Dutch, and West African cultures and traditions. It HATES ths condition but can’t do anything about it. Somehow that term also had been referenced to their neighbors’ stories of Bigfoot. I have done some research and came across a legend that there is a tribe of Rugaru living in North Dakota near Devil’s Lake. support our organization's work with endangered American Indian languages. Please add a link to our website in yours so people can reference our band. Regardless of the form it takes, these animals supposedly pester its next victim until they draw blood somehow from the animal (injury or stabbing). He also stated that outcasts in the community or somewhat eccentric people often became objects of suspicion, the idea being that they are probably Rougarou. Once cursed the person who becames a Loup Garou their curse will last 101 days. As the French set sail and settled Quebec in Canada and later Louisiana in the American South, the story came with them and mutated. A person becomes a Loup Garou by being cursed anyone who is cured can turn other rule breakers or trouble makers into the Rougarou just by looking into their eyes because eyes are the window to the soul. Professor Perrin adds, “[Nowadays] the Rougarou plays a similar role to the boogeyman in other cultures. A woman by the name of Barbara Mullins stumbled across an interesting carcass by the roadside. Mar 9, 2016 - O Rougarou (também chamado Roux -Ga-Roux, Rugaroo , ou Rugaru ), é uma criatura lendária de comunidades colonizadas por franceses ... Mais informações The Rugaru is a creature with origins in North American mythology, legend and folklore, especially that of Louisiana and among various Native American tribes. al, though. They are always pursued to the last moment in a way they are able to see, hear or feel, or at least the person perceives that the animal was right on their heels. The rougarou is closely associated with native American legends, although these relationships are discussed. The versions of the tale I’ve heard from others (as first-hand and second-hand accounts), do not involve a tall or human-like figure at all. Richard was baker/acted into the Waverly Hills Sanatorium WHGC way back in 1967.

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