Boxers such as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson have ratings of 93 and 92 respectively. Check out these 25 killer knockouts and see how realistic the gameplay actually is. You can choose and craft your fighting styles and compare it against that of the renowned players- cool isn’t it? But yes, the HD graphics make them as good as real. Earn millions of dollars per fight. Game engine and type of controls offered. The list is not the longest, yes! Here some of the features of the game we loved: Unless you are not a big fan of MMA, unless you are looking for some real arcade style modes, this game would definitely be a treat to play and watch too! Here is what he said in his tweet: Just heard EASPORTS is considering bringing back FightNight for XBox Series X and PlayStation 5. No matter what your fighting style is if you wish to rest your eyes from all the gun shooting and MOBA games, the 4 games we have laid before you are sure to get you to the edge of your seat into some real boxing mode without putting on your boxing gloves or your boxing shorts. We further narrow down by choosing the ones that offer the best gameplay. New boxing game finally in the works Online game creator BGaming is working on the first major boxing video game since Electronic Arts released Fight Night Champion in 2011. Then you are at the right place. Let’s hope we get official confirmation soon and the new game will, in fact, be on the next-gen consoles. Every supplementing minor detail like the movements in the ring, the blocks and punches were all tweaked from the previous version. Based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, succeeding the 2014 game UFC, this one was released first in 2016. The movements in this game have been fine tuned to be more realistic with the help of motion capture. Furthermore, Lewis humorously takes a jab at his fighter rating in the previous game and expects a better rating this time around. This is again backed up by true-to-life details including the recovery between each round. Hit the speed bag, work on your combos, and practice against a punching bag before entering the ring. We have picked the fourth one in the series –, There are more than 250 players to choose from including many. Once you’re really ready, join a tournament and fight your way through the ranks. The promoter was asked on Twitter whether a new one was in the offing and Hearn's response sent fans wild. This is a sleek training mode where even the most amateur players can play a series of mini-games and fine tune their techniques before facing their actual rivals on the ring in the multiplayer mode. Have you tried the ravaging Super Punch and seen the ripples on the fighter’s face?! We Reviewed 10+ Gloves to Find the Best Ones, Get Your Compression On! New Games Next in 00:00. Improving a lot from the Round 2, this one came with some new punches included. We know that you play boxing games like a real boxer. He founded US Combat Sports to help MMA practitioners of all levels find the right gear to improve their personal performance based on his experiences while also saving money in the process. The gameplay has been crafted to stay as close to the real UFC games as possible. The featured boxers in the game are Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

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