But most of these worlds can also be roughly explored on a simple idea spectrum, and for our purposes, oversimplifying areas of thought to single spectrums can help us see what’s going on. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. While the Thought Pile shows us what the individuals are thinking, the Speech Curve shows us what the giant is thinking. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Microsoft's drivers appear to be the common denominator. If you want to unmute them, tap the “Following” button from their profile again, and then from the menu, select the “Mute” option. The censored ideas, though still widespread, can’t develop or evolve or gain any traction. While it doesn’t have the extra long press feature, it does what I need to do. No, it’s a trivial hack. What Makes You You – an existential crisis field trip, The Fermi Paradox – another existential crisis field trip, Why Bugs Ruin Everything – my personal existential crisis field trip, The internet would one day become the ultimate giant brain builder—but we’ll get there later in the series.↩, Because I’m a psycho, the below image is actually made up of a million tiny brains. So when it comes to our freedom to “swing our arms” in what we say, what exactly constitutes hitting someone else’s nose? Now, if you only want to mute their posts, select the “Mute Posts” option. We can call it the Thought Pile. So to any given Hypothetican, their society seems like this: —despite actually being surrounded by tremendous thought diversity, you might very well assume that you’re the only person thinking what you’re thinking, and that the nation’s brains look like this: In the absence of anonymous surveys (which King Mustache banned a long time ago), the Thought Pile is invisible to citizens. It’s all “fake”! This is where the Outer Self comes in. With their Outer Self broadcasting different beliefs than the Inner Self holds, the ideas of the Inner Self become hidden in a person’s head, isolated from the outside world. The higher the tier, the more the distributors need to appeal to a large audience, so the more they’ll seek out ideas with widespread interest: In the case of Topic X, only the most commonly held viewpoints in the blue-to-purple range are able to get much airtime in the national newspaper and the national colosseum. Note: When you call into a Skype for Business meeting by phone, your audio is on by default. If you've called into a Skype for Business meeting by phone, you can use the mute or unmute buttons on your phone to manage your audio. Containing the expression of banned viewpoints to small groups prevents the viewpoints from traveling anywhere and gaining any momentum in the national giant’s big brain. When people aren’t saying what they’re thinking, the real shape of the Thought Pile becomes guesswork. Now, if you only want to mute their posts, select the “Mute Posts” option. With the country’s human neurons able to freely connect, the U.S. organism would be a lot more like a giant human being with a mind of its own than a big dumb orange monster giant that’s controlled by strings. Hypothetica, as a small country, has two primary megaphone tiers—national and local. This will cause the mute button for all participants to be grayed out until the organizer unmutes the audience. When you want to speak, click the Mute button to unmute your microphone. I did exactly the same thing (with a digispark clone as well) within the first few days of lockdown! Skype for Business may not have access to your phone's microphone. Cute. Since we launched in 2006, our articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Get the item you ordered or get your money back. I can’t imagine what it must do to people’s psyche to not even feel safe inside their own heads.↩, Here’s a pretty thorough PDF on restricted speech. All a citizen can see is the shape of the Speech Curve—which they often mistakenly assume to be the shape of the Thought Pile. Which is exactly what King Mustache wants. I’ve built a few XLR mute switches built like guitar pedals, the simplest being just a switch between the hot and cold wires. Ugh – it’s not posting the links. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. When the First Amendment was ratified in 1791, such a broad right to freedom of speech was highly unusual around the world.

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