[8] The 1996 line up had Stephen Hadley on bass guitar and backing vocals (ex-The Black Sorrows, Paul Kelly Band); Simon Hosford on guitar and backing vocals (Colin Hay backing band); and John Watson on drums (The Black Sorrows). Ham remained musically active and played sax with the Melbourne-based group The Nudist Funk Orchestra until his death. [2], Die im Herbst 1981 erschienene LP Business as Usual war 15 Wochen lang Nummer 1 der US-Album-Charts und wurde mit Sechsfach-Platin ausgezeichnet. But it was great for me to have a band that really got off on playing those songs. label. Ham was found dead on 19 April 2012 at his home in Carlton North, Melbourne, having suffered a fatal heart attack. The name Men At Work was thrown into the hat by Colin Hay, and was seconded by Ron Strykert, when a name was required to put on the blackboard outside The Cricketer's Arms Hotel, Richmond. Colin Hay: Well, it’s tricky. Rock Cellar: As a songwriter, what’s the last song you heard that made you go, “I wish I wrote that?”, Colin Hay: Well actually, when I was playing with Ringo last year, we’d be sitting in the dressing room before the show and Graham Gouldman, who was in the band, would play a medley of his songs that he wrote before he was in 10cc. [8], Höchstplatzierung, Gesamtwochen, Auszeichnung, (Land/Region, Auszeichnungen, Verkäufe, Quellen), Matthias Kugler, SWR3 vom 6. They were quite innovative in that regard. Men at Work are an Australian pop rock band founded in 1978 in St Kilda, Victoria. They told him they really loved the show. We always panned to do something but I don’t really know what that would have been. Home / Colin Hay on Men At Work’s Legacy and His Current Tour. They are the only Australian artists to reach the Number 1 position in album and singles charts in both the United States and the United Kingdom with Business as Usual and "Down Under". If there is just one point where I might have wished a higher adherence to the Men At Work arrangements, this might be the slide guitar solo in "No Sign Of Yesterday": the sound of a bottleneck slide charges the original mood in a way that the even very enjoyable and very to the point solo of this version simply does not get. Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans. The former Men at Work singer has opened up in a new documentary on his career called Waiting For My Real Life.. Hay’s father Jim died in Melbourne in 2010 aged 87. You’re not really in control of it anymore (laughs); you think you are but you’re really not. In May 2001, "Down Under" was listed at No. Studio musicians included Jeremy Alsop on bass guitar (ex-Ram Band, Pyramid, Broderick Smith Band); and Mark Kennedy on drums (Spectrum, Ayers Rock, Marcia Hines Band). Men at Work provide an explosive concert experience. [7] That same year in Canada they were awarded a Juno Award for "International LP of the Year". 37) and the US (No. reached No. "Maria" and "Overkill" were also broadcast by American Broadcasting Company (ABC) during their Live Aid telecast. [17] In October "Who Can It Be Now?" Der Name kam dem Sänger Colin Hay in den Sinn, als er an einer Baustelle vorbeifuhr, auf der neun Bauarbeiter herumsaßen und nur ein einziger die ganze Arbeit verrichtete. [15] It had been finished in mid-1982 with McIan producing again, but was held back due to the success of their debut album[7][8][12] on the international market, where Business as Usual was still riding high. You’d have a song and go into a rehearsal on a Tuesday and you’d be playing it that night, it was very immediate. It’s really for people that want to come along and hear those songs by a bunch of Cubans and Guatemalans and Peruvians (laughing) then come along, it’ll be an all Men At Work song show. “Because we were always a quirky wee band coming in from a very odd place.”. was still in the top ten in the US, "Down Under" was finally released in that market. [7][12] Soon after a third guitarist, Colin Bayley (Mi-Sex), was added and Kennedy was replaced on drums by Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa). 8 in Australia,[13] and No. [13] It had been produced by United States-based Peter McIan, who was also working on their debut album, Business as Usual. [7][12] Two Hearts was produced by Hay and Ham. [16] In the following month Business as Usual began a 15-week run at No. A great bass solo by Yosmel Montejo in the end cue of the almost Pink-Floydian "No Sign Of Yesterday", crispy guitar solos are there aplenty all over, provided by both the refined and tasteful guitarist Mr Hay himself and from young San Miguel Perez and a nice surprise again: a drum solo, by Jimmy Branly, all three member of the Los Angeles based band working at present with Hay. Indeed, the songs stood by themselves with little embellishment save for a bright, melodic, singalong quality".

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