Mostly Love, Simon with a bit of Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda. Garrett: TOO LATE MOTHERFUCKER!! This trailer for a film coming out in September that she stars in just shows you how perfect she is for the role. But he is. anyway. You will fall in love with Simon and his friends time after time, you get to see one of my all time favorite friendships of Leah and Simon, and how can anyone forget the best teacher of all time, Ms. Albright! He supported Bram (assuming because he is his best friend and they we still friends when he came out) and he was still nice to Simon after he came out. I went with him to the play three freaking times, I made him go to that dumb carnival when he wanted to stay home and panic because he actually thought Simon would be disappointed. There’s no way I can ignore him. Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) by: Stevie Wonder, “Here I am baby, Ah, you’ve got the future in your hand (Signed, sealed delivered, I’m yours)”, “Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is me, The last time that you touched me, Oh, will wonders ever cease? Junior Year has finally wrapped up, opening the door of new adventures for Simon, Bram, and the whole Creekwood Crew. I Just Want Your Jeans by: God Help The Girl, “My room faces north, But the sun’s in the south, I’m just waking up, To the news of my birth, I am a girl and I’m lucky to be here, Whatever that’s worth”, “Look outside at the raincoats coming, say oh, Look outside at the raincoats coming, say oh, Hey, hey, hey, hey”, “Are we breaking up? She can act. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Delivered by the same guy.”. I practically pushed them together. Join Simon through a story of love, oreos, and “freaking Casanova”. Simonverse. While Katherine Langford (the actress who played Leah in Love Simon) was great I found that she didn’t completely fit the image of how Leah was described in the books. #love simon #simon spier #bram greenfeld #garrett laughlin #my post #hmmm i love him #u guys r sleeping on garrett just like ur sleeping on this post!!!! “I like my men how I like my woman……. Garrett: dont tell me ur gonna be 1 of those couples lmao. After the filming wrapped, Josh invited Nick to hang with him for the weekend at his hideaway lodge. 1,583 notes. I guess part of me just always hoped that it would be like in the movies, where he would realize that he was actually in love with his best friend the whole time. Like he’s so quirky and loud and she’s so cynical that they’d balance each other out and be so cute. hahahaha). Simon gets woken up too early on Valentine's Day, but all is good. Simon’s friends love Bram, but they especially love embarrassing Simon in front of Bram. Simon watches Bram's first soccer game of the season. Garrett Laughlin and Cal Price are such an underrated ship and since there is barely any content I decided to write my own fanfic. Garrett is the most underrated character in Love, Simon/Simon vs and I love him so much, “Garrett, I’m nineteen, I literally don’t eat vegetables yet” dhsjfjfjdkd SIMON lmao, (also sidenote but this gives me real laim payne tweeting I’m only 17 I love green beans vibes dhsksk), everyone writing garrett x cal fic,,, i love u, GARRETT’S EMAIL IS THE ORIGINAL ANGEL BRO AND HIS SIGN OFF IS SENT FROM G-MONEY’S IPHONE WHAT A FUCKING DORK I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, Pairing: Garrett Laughlin x Plus!Sized!Reader, Listen To: lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid. Hello I’m here to talk about one of my favorite underrated characters in the movie Love, Simon and his name is motherfucking Garrett Laughlin. 19 | Bisexual | Taurus | I love Love, Simon and other stuff | Also Garrett is really underrated | I am also currently working on some fanfics so I am probably gonna post them here once I finished them The cinnamon roll that is Garrett Laughlin making pre prom dinner reservations at the American Girl Bistro thinking it was the American Grille Bistro, Garrett: *freaking the fuck out because it’s finally happening* yeah. the cal + garrett pairing was such a good concept and becky missed the opportunity to make them happen. She is actually perfect for the role and I couldn’t think of anyone better. Even though I knew it was coming, my heart still sinks when I see it: Bram Greenfeld is in a relationship with Simon Spier. Not jus certain people, not just jocks and cheerleaders. I am also an idiot. since i’m a bi girl myself, one could argue that i could be taking this too personally, but honestly, the things he says about bi girls and leah and abby in particular are fucking disgusting, and the only reason he apologizes for his statements is because it makes leah, the girl he’s crushing on, mad at him. #love simon #simon spier #leah burke #abby suso #garrett laughlin #nick eisner #taylor metternich #gif. This shouldn’t be so complicated. Life doesn’t work that way, though. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Garrett Laughlin “[Nora’s] wearing rolled-up jeans, covered in paint, and her curls are tied back in a messy knot. thank you, anon, for something i didn’t know i needed??? Or Bram’s wedding speech – I was reading some other fanfic the other day and in one of the stories (sorry, I can’t give credit because I didn’t take note of the story or the author at the time - if it's your story, let me know and I'll give credit) there was a scene where Garrett was talking about how Bram fell in love with Simon twice – first with his crush and then second over emails. Good thing there's nobody home when they get back to the house! Blessed be the mystery of love”, “Do I care if I survive this, bury the dead where they’re found, In a veil of great surprises, hold to my head till I drown, Should I tear my eyes out now, before I see too much? I just watched Love, Simon with my family for the first time and nothing has been more entertaining in this lockdown than my mum trying to guess who’s Blue. i don’t like garrett laughlin. Even when you’re next to me it’s not the way I’m picturing, no”, “I think it’s only fair, There’s gotta be some butterflies somewhere, wanna share? i keep seeing him characterized as this uwu soft golden retriever boi who is pure and kind and literal sunshine but like? He literally never double texts. idk, i think he’s adorable and if leah don’t want him i will happily take over. he’s a dorky jock who’s friends with a couple of main characters and he fills out the lunch table and adds some drama and backstory. “Fuck, you’re cute,” Cal says, though it’s quiet and Garrett can’t really be sure he’s heard him right. But he is. I set my phone down on the nightstand, and avoid contact with the outside world for the rest of the night. Please, because personally, I think that none of us deserve him. Bram comes out to Garrett soon after Simon has been outed because there's been a misunderstanding. #and that’s the tea. Garrett Laughlin; Love Simon; Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - Freeform; spierfeld; Boys In Love; Canon Compliant; Post-Canon; Future Fic; Fluff; Angst; Smut; Gay; Gay Sex; Senior year; College; Summary. I regret everything. ), or the even more tempting, fuck off laughlin i’m gay. These are some songs I thought Leah would definitely listen to, and that I think really go with this book. And then I feel guilty, because he was my best friend long before he was my stupid one-sided crush. So if there was a movie adaption of Leah On The Offbeat by: Becky Albertalli, I think Shannon Purser would be the best fit. Some of these are songs were mentioned in the book itself and inspired by artists mentioned in the book, while others are from what Becky Albertalli (the author) was listening to as she wrote the book, as well as my own personal additions. they were the couple we deserved. emolightningmcqueen . And it really fucking sucks. he gets absolutely smashed at a party he’s not even technically invited to (the cast party for Joseph) and continues to pressure leah to date him throughout the book. It annoys me when she says, “I like the feeling of being pursued, even if it’s only Garrett.” Like he’s such a sweetie. Garrett during lunch at the end of Love, Simon because his friends ditched school without him: Garrett: Babe, you kinda suck at basketball. send me a prompt and i’ll write you a three-sentence fic, “Sometimes it seems like everyone knows who I am except me”, Simon vs. opens us to the world of Simon Spier, an oreo obsessed boy who is trying to navigate his way through junior year whilst still hiding the fact that he’s gay. It has to be easier for people with penises. I’m being stupid. Garrett: *already texting Bram and updating his facebook* who? She’s got these Disney eyes and dark brown skin and wavy dark hair and actual cheekbones. “Yeah, Garrett’s here.”, I have a little obsession with Love, Simon. That girl is honestly too adorable.”, “I’m basically your resident fat Slytherin Rory Gilmore.” I am probably going to post it today, so if you are interested follow me here or on AO3 (lovesimonfanfic). that’s not garrett at all? but we can’t forget how garrett was described. He’s got a nice jawline and thick hair, and those bright blue eyes.”, Nora Spier I AM DISAPPOINTED AND ALSO CURRENTLY BRAIN STORMING FOR ONE. AU in which Simon immediately blurts out who he is. Garrett Laughlin is one of the most underrated characters. that’s literally it. But. “Garrett’s so annoying half the time that it’s hard to remember he’s handsome. Yes? Bram and Simon get engaged - Sound of Music style.

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