A member of the Russian Mafia with ties to Nikolai Poloznev. A Russian oligarch and former policeman with ties to the Russian Mafia. Marvel One-Shots: Item 47 • Agent Carter • All Hail the King A United States Army veteran who joins up with Jigsaw's Crew, and quickly becomes Billy's most trusted comrade. A Latino drug-runner and the owner of Merlin Discount Furniture. 's under the custody and protection of the FBI in exchange of information against the Golden Tigers. It aired on January 18, 2019 along with the rest of the season. Older brother of Domingo Colon. The tell-tale signs are when he plays Madani's grief like a fiddle and accidentally outs himself by not quite gauging the emotions and information right, all for adding a bit of "I know and you don't" risk. An associate of Roscoe Sweeney involved in his rigged box fights scheme. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The leader of the Jewish-American Mafia in New York. If his, There was a large internet debate/campaign over making Donald Glover the new Spider-Man during pre-production for, He briefly mentions that he wants the Vulture's gang to keep their weapons away from Queens because he's worried about his nephew's safety. A "retired" mafia boss who preceded Wilson Fisk. This gets him caught. Gets shot and wounded by Curtis and then bleeds out in his arms while the latter is trying to save him, causing Curtis great pain. And, truly not grocking why admitting to his deliberate inaction would never, ever work as an explanation for Frank. Davos assassinates anyone whose name is written down in the book, giving Chen Wu some form of control over who Davos targets and therefore a tremendous amount of power. However, Kazan eventually finds his nephew's corpse in Chicago and decided to find who killed him. After Peggy and Jarvis defy his demand for a higher ransom, he goes hunting for them. Deconstructed. One of his aliases is Brian Pichelli, which are the first and last names of his creators Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. Zip's father. he taunts him about the way he abused him and the other boys. Really, he should have known better than to mouth off to Billy like that, after clearly seeing that he was a deeply unstable individual. He has an obsession with people he thinks are getting more than their due. The red and blue details in his mask that evoke the USA flag are reminiscent on Nuke's facial tattoo, which also depicts the USA flag. ", For the Russian Mobsters that collaborate with Kingpin, see the, "Who are you supposed to be, the short arm of the law? This episode article is a stub. When Ray Nadeem's dying confession is leaked and widely disseminated during Fisk's wedding, Carbone is the first person seen to be noping out of there before the NYPD move in to arrest him. An inmate imprisoned for assault that Inez Green claims was given the power to heal others by IGH. A bookie and loan shark to whom Erik Gelden is indebted. For the Maggia, see the Criminal and Terrorist Organizations article. However, his murder is still treated as a wrong thing due to Trish going off the deep end. A criminal leader with an eye on Harlem and Hell's Kitchen. many real criminals despise child molesters and child pornography in general. Davis mentions having worked with Mac Gargan before, a nod to their Ultimate comics counterpart's brief partnership. Russo claims he regrets what happened, but Frank obviously still despises him since he knew about it and said nothing. As the season progresses he comes to sincerely believe in Davos's cause and serves him out of ideological devotion. One of the boys who robbed Cottonmouth in the series premier of Luke Cage, friends with Dante Chapman and Chico Diaz. The head of the Yardies following the death of his brother Neville. A Korean mobster, brother of the late Peter Hong and an ally of Rosalie Carbone. His nephew, of course, is heavily implied to be. Spat in Cotton's face, which meant that he could start beating him like a man. If not for his pulling his two friends into a plan to rob Cottonmouth, and his needlessly violent and traceable way of doing the job, he, his friends and Pop would've still been alive. Later that night, Kazan and remained Russian Mafia members were executed by John Pilgrim who was sent by Anderson and Eliza Schultz.[3]. When he mugs some asshole for his clothes after escaping from the hospital in season 2, he takes everything except his "I Got A Big Dick" shirt. Specials: Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe • Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop a tragic backstory that elicited sympathy, from those who make even the slightest mistake, MCU: Criminals & Terrorists - Military Heroin Smuggling Conspiracy, MCU: Criminals & Terrorists – Fisk Crime Ring. Turk is one of the many with ties to Matt who get kidnapped by The Hand. 1. Sallinger looks like a, Finally, both Kilgrave and Alisa were haunting figures from Jessica's past, while Sallinger is just a random, Impulsiveness. never takes responsibility for his actions. but Lewis probably didn't need to stab him to death over it. Doesn't get any deeper characterization before Curtis kills him in self-defense. Turns out he was living under the alias of Al Marino and never left New York. Trish beats him to death as payback for killing her mother. Turk is an opportunistic bastard who has the uncanny (and unlucky) habit of running into super-powered people and getting beat up by them. A nephew of Kazan, also involved with the Bratva. A construction worker who needlessly antagonizes Frank Castle. A bartender at Harlem's Paradise who overheard of the arms deal between Cottonmouth and Domingo Colon and decided to rob it along with Shameek Smith and Chico Diaz. Ilia Volok is a Soviet-born character actor. Ward mocks his swing and the fact he sells guns from a van by the river. He then starts spending his money foolishly and conspicuously, which gets him caught. The Russian Mafia was contacted by Nikolai Poloznev who hired them to find compromising information of David Schultz. A loan shark operating in New York City who encountered Luke Cage and Jessica Jones while hunting a young man who had not repaid him. Lewis ultimately blows himself up after Frank gets him away from Karen and locks him inside a freezer. conning Jeri, Jeri replies by conning Inez Green into murdering Shane. Ben Barnes more or less describes him as one in. Another veteran and member of Billy's group, who tries to kill Curtis. Another veteran who joins up with Jigsaw's crew. In general, he seems to really dislike Rawlins and finds his behavior and personality repulsive. Kazan hold Turk Barrett hostage in his gym. He freaked out that he realized Cottonmouth would find him out and is shot by Shameek. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Kazan?oldid=1205884. ", He appears in Iron Fist season 1 and Luke Cage season 2, and finally bites the dust after a couple episodes in Iron Fist season 2. conning Hogarth into believing he will heal her from her ALS only to ransack her apartment once she's distracted. He joins the robbery of Cottonmouth's gun sale along Dante and Shameek. attacks the Bayard community center, he volunteers to make a stand against Davos alone. A Marvel - A Megtorló vagy röviden A Megtorló (Marvel's The Punisher) 2017-ben indult amerikai websorozat, melyet Steve Lightfoot alkotott meg a Netflix számára a Marvel-moziuniverzum részeként. The infamous Tone incident also marks Turk as one of only five people who knew Cornell threw him off a rooftop. Video games: Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth • Iron Man 3: The Official Game • Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition • Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition • Marvel: Contest of Champions • Marvel: Avengers Alliance • Marvel vs. Capcom series (Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite) After he kills an Anvil employee at his home, he notices two budgies in a cage and spends a good while trying to convince them to fly away to freedom. Restaurants: Pym Test Kitchen Ironically considering the above, he hates being called pretty. She stares him down and calls his bluff, getting Luke to make a deal with her instead. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. A recently released criminal in Harlem and a gun buyer from Mariah. His death by Trish was well-deserved, however, it is still treated as a bad thing within the show, as it shows Trish going off the deep end. After stealing from Cottonmouth, he immediately starts spending copious amounts of cash at a local strip club. he gloats about killing Dorothy and when he knows Trish is about to attack him, ultimately killing him. Given. He threatens to add Joy's name to the list when she crosses him. He spends the entire time Trish is after him scared for his life. Ilia Volok is a Ukrainian actor known for his roles in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Air Force One. He dies quickly, but the entire plot happens because of him. Kazan was interrogated by the When he feels slighted Salinger, Sadism. Kazan being forced to talk by the Punisher, While Castle managed to brutally take down all hostiles before he came to him, Kazan told him that he is not the enemy before being choked with a barbell, being forced to tell him everything about the photos. Freeform: Cloak & Dagger episode list.

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