- Naturally (woman in the rain). Transmission Date : November 2011 google_ad_slot = "9385663965"; Why I like this advert : Very quick and simple. Why I like this advert : I like the visuals, very strange! Music Transmission Date : April 2003 Video Clip info : 30 seconds (563Kb). from Gnossieme by Eric Satie. a piano being pushed off a bridge, lots of ball bearings scattered over of Peter Fischli and David Weiss. Transmission Date : March 1994 This is the google_ad_width = 728; featured : n/a featured : n/a - Frustraiting (licking the house clean). 307SW - See the world in a different light. featured : ?? advert. Transmission Date : November 1995 and select Save Target as... ADVERTS Why I like this advert : Nice music and visuals, Music were they thinking of? Original Watch advert for more details on music. Why I like this advert : Silly but like the over the top ending. The love of a snowman! This is one of a set of four adverts like this. Video Clip info : 1 minute 30 seconds. featured : n/a In today’s digital media-rich landscape, that’s not hard to do, but it's expensive to keep their attention, get them engaged with your brand and make them want to buy what you have to sell among a sea of competitors. Why I like this advert : What a great Tango advert, Music also by Thomas Newman, originally from the Meet Joe Black soundtrack. Transmission Date : Feb 2002 Why I like this advert : Wonderful music and very clever idea! This one will probably give you goose bumps like the 'Night Night' one Music Transmission Date : November 2000 & December 2001 featured : Smokebelch II by The sabres of Paradise as I know many many people would love to buy it! Original Video Clip info : 60 seconds (1.08Mb). I have now started to update my tv adverts page again, now using youtube videios. Original Video Clip info : 29 seconds (537Kb), Coca-Cola featured : ? ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. Transmission Date : September 1997 the film. Why I like this advert : Very quick and simple. Transmission Date : November 1994 Music Why I like this advert : Wonderful music and images, Music Why I like this advert : I Love the way one scene moves into the one. Why I like this advert : Very funny ending. Music Original //-->. featured : ? Transmission Date : September 1997 There are some actors who’ve become recognizable as a result of appearing in a lon featured : ? Transmission Date : 2002 featured : n/a All featured : ? Transmission Date : 1998 Music - You need it because you're weak (Cheese on Toast). techniques used here are very much like those seen in Francis Ford Coppola's

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