“I’m watching ‘Dave’ (on FXX) now, which I directed an episode of, which is the ninth episode … so I’m watching the rest of the season. “That’s the mystery box, man,” he said. I watched ‘Tiger King,’ like everyone else.”. He is funny talking about Scottsdale, for instance, where he lived till he left for Oberlin College, in Ohio. “I would say because it’s about loneliness,” Sinclair, who is from Scottsdale, said recently as he paddled around in a canoe in LA, because why not? That all speaks to the tone of our show.”. With Molly Camp, Jawnee Conroy, Max Jenkins, Molly Knefel. Rachel : Writer's Block. And like everyone else, he wonders what’s next. It’s a wax-on, wax-off situation. From the web series to TV, High Maintenance had told a ton of worthwhile stories. (The Guy's family is from Arizona in "High Maintenance"; his niece is heading back to the Southwest for the holidays in the final episode of the last season.) When he starts to fixate on his insecurities about past success and his secret tendencies to dress up … They’re like, ‘This is the nicest place in the world.’ And I’m like, ‘Is it? “I remember feeling like, when people were going, ‘Hey, we’re going to go play music in a coffee shop,’ I remember feeling frustrated at what an imitation of culture that used to feel like, growing up in the suburbs,” Sinclair said. I would love to spend my whole life just traveling to different places and see how they do things differently everywhere.”. While there is tension in the show (“It’s like, would you want to play a video game where there are no problems to solve?”), the Guy sets a mellow tone that colors all the vignettes, and the series overall, even when the wheels come off. Instead the Guy serves as a link between stories about the lives of his customers, sometimes interconnected, sometimes not. High Maintenance is a television and web series created by Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, which premiered its first season online on Vimeo on November 9, 2012. It’s like Mr. Miyagi tricked me into being really good.”, “I watched ‘Unorthodox,’” Sinclair said. OK, whatever you say, man.’”. But we digress. That can be in very quiet ways. One of the best shows on TV isn’t technically even on television yet. © 2020 www.azcentral.com. I’m falling in line with that. “But as I get older I realize I was a loser for thinking that, and everything is possible culture, and a small city’s cultures are sometimes even more unique because everyone is so connected in the big cities. The way “High Maintenance” is constructed requires a lot of compressed character development — “that is the skill” — and it sounds as if Sinclair’s relieved to step away from that. Don’t mistake this for animus. The show follows The Guy, a cannabis courier (played by Sinclair), as he delivers his product to clients in New York City. 12m 50s En. The Guy struggles to entertain his teenage niece. Twitter: @goodyk. 13. “I think people are looking around at their lives and finding themselves feeling lonely, and then they see other people feeling lonely in these stories, and how that’s OK, to not feel OK,” Sinclair said. He’s meditating a lot, he said, and working on other projects, including writing the second half of a movie. Directed by Katja Blichfeld, Ben Sinclair. It requires a little bit of commitment to really catch onto the feel of the show, but once you do, the miniature portraits of life are irresistible. That gives you some insight into where the show comes from. High Maintenance is an American anthology comedy-drama television and web series created by ex-husband and wife team Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld. In 2016, High Maintenance moved to HBO. With Rachel Comey, Heléne Yorke, Candace Thompson, Theodore Bouloukos. What are you waiting for? When The Guy's niece visits, he tries to juggle her and his clients needs. “It’s nice to peek into places and find that more specific trend of that regional area. Sinclair stars in the show, which began life as a series on Vimeo before moving to HBO in 2016, as a marijuana dealer making deliveries in a section of Brooklyn, where the bulk of the episodes take place. You can tell Sinclair has a fondness for Arizona — and perhaps more of an appreciation now that he no longer lives here. "Ah (expletive), I just slipped," Sinclair, who grew up in Scottsdale, said during a recent interview. (The Guy's family is from Arizona in "High Maintenance"; his niece is heading back to the Southwest for the holidays in the final episode of the last season. All rights reserved. As with any series in which so many different stories are told, some are more compelling than others. “Everyone thinks it’s big deal who lives there. These episodes have since migrated from Vimeo to HBO under the title “High Maintenance Web Series”. “We could do this show indefinitely, but it really seems like Mother Nature is asking everyone to take a pause right now. 2016. “We show that life is messy and we confirm their suspicions that it’s kind of hard just being a human being sometimes. ), “It’s just a suburb, man,” he said of his hometown. Each episode focuses on different characters as their lives intersect with The Guy. One in the series of critically acclaimed High Maintenance shorts, Rachel focuses on Colin (Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey), a husband, stay-at-home father and writer. All 44 episodes of High Maintenance, spanning Vimeo and HBO, ranked from worst to best. Sinclair, like the rest of us, is figuring out how to spend his time away from other people. “I think everyone is waiting to see what happens,” Sinclair said. 19 webisodes of High Maintenance have been released. Sinclair, who co-created the show with his ex-wife Katja Blichfeld and plays the marijuana dealer at its center, is stuck in LA, watching other shows, meditating, paddling around in a nearby canal and occasionally falling down. Sinclair is like that — offhanded bits of seeming random awkwardness lead to moments of genuine insight. Is another season of “High Maintenance” going to? 1 Season. “(It’s) like I’ve been hiking with a backpack full of rocks for eight years,” he said, “and now that I’m starting to just direct something or just write something on other projects, I feel like I can take that backpack off and feel like, whoa. Sinclair isn’t exactly like his character – it requires a lot more ambition to create a successful TV show than we see in the Guy – but he’s not not like his character, either. “And it always has been about loneliness.”. I am eager to see what post-lockdown America looks like, because it’s going to take a little while of things happening to figure out what the general tone of the world is going to be, whenever our next episode will be.”. Back to why “High Maintenance” feels so perfect for right now. “Trends catch on so quick” in big cities. “That’s why the news is the best show in town, because what’s going to happen?”. High Maintenance Web Series. But the show isn’t really about his character, mostly known as “the Guy” but who finally gets a name in the last episode to air so far (more about what’s coming later). Subscribe to azcentral.com today. some people are spending their COVID-19 isolation watching HBO's "High Maintenance, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Rachel : Writer's Block While some people are spending their COVID-19 isolation watching HBO's "High Maintenance," Ben Sinclair is not. For instance, he has a theory about why "High Maintenance" might be a show people are turning to right now, and it may not be what you think. Facebook: facebook.com/GoodyOnFilm. Reach Goodykoontz at bill.goodykoontz@arizonarepublic.com.

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