Human Eye color. Help! The Witcher 3. Light brown Hair color. Does something trigger him showing up? Any suggestion? Is my game glitched somehow? Its Harborside location makes the roadhouse a popular location for locals and travelers alike. Currently I'm level 18 haven't left novigrad yet. Frequented by sailors and dockhands, this rowdy and expansive tavern has a reputation for violent behavior, where fistfights and the battle-hardened go to quench a thirst for mead and sometimes bloodletting. 4. He is quite often absent from his workplace. The Golden Sturgeon / Novigrad: The Innkeep at The Golden Sturgeon is a Gwent player. Posted by 26 days ago. The innkeeper at the golden sturgeon is never at the inn. Missing Innkeeper from Golden Sturgeon. I have completed fists of fury at the crossroads, but not the Baron's quest-line. I fought the Baron's men. He also sells a few cards, including: Barclay Els; Dol Blathanna Scout; Mahakaman Defender; Siege Technician The Innkeeper at the Crossroads has disappeared. Missing Innkeeper from Golden Sturgeon . I need that Gwent card! The Witcher 3. Jump to: navigation, search. The Golden Sturgeon is one of many taverns within Novigrad. Close. Innkeep Gender. The Innkeep of The Golden Sturgeon in Novigrad is a gwent player (Scoia'tael deck). The inn only has a woman cleaning the floor and the bards. I have read the archived answers, and have tried leaving and coming back, waiting (AFK) for at least an hour, meditating, reloading, and still nothing. Male Race. Innkeep (The Golden Sturgeon) From Witcher Wiki. 11 comments. Innkeep Module Details this row only stops the spoiler from collapsing everything below it: and nothing more Profession. arcanedarsen 3 years ago #2. Brown Location. When that happens, use meditation. User Info: arcanedarsen. As the title says, I tried meditating until my beard went on my knees and nothing, tried to sAve reload tried going to other map and coming back and nothing.

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