But since DJM will be 35 in 3 years, I see him pushing for at least 4 and maybe 5. “Obviously it’s not up to me, but I think I am capable of getting outs. Too bad he won’t just SELL the Yankees to someone like Cohen! I think it’s going to be a Justin Turner/Dodgers type situation where he will take way less to stay on a team that helped him reach this new level and know how to implement him correctly. Either year to year, in which case it’ll be 2 years/$25M overall and then he walks in free agency: $10M, $15M OR it’ll be a modest long term deal to ensure his Yankee legacy without risking breaking the bank on a potential injury prone IL stint regular: 5 years/$100M guaranteed: $5M signing bonus, $12.5M, $12.5M, $23M, $23M, $23M, $1M signing bonus on a $26M vesting option that can be converted into a club option. LAA fans never pitch Trout trades. No GM uses WAR without taking it into context. How about his 2019 postseason? LeMahieu not only has natural hitting instincts and ability, he has a technically sound swing, keeping his hands inside the ball and staying long through in the zone. He was the only Yankee with a single-digit K% this year, and his contact skills topped all his teammates both in and out of the zone. Not even close. Judge is a good player, but Mike Trout is on a different level. What trade out there would be acceptable to both teams? What I care about is him continuing to play for the team I root for. Not for average or doubles, but for HRs. No one’s spending like crazy for a 32 year old 2nd baseman. How low do the Yankees finish without DJ ? Honestly judge should not get over $100 million contract he can’t stay healthy, Lol try 350-400 million but it’ll be in 2023. I didn’t say they will or should, but if. Teams have lost real money and the quick sale of the Mets is evidence. I hope he milks the Yanks for every possible cent, but I don’t see him getting 80M. As a Sox fan, he’s been great to see in action with that bat AND glove. “It seemed like more teams were coming out of nowhere with COVID. @Judge. Covid may have curtailed the Yankees spending when nothing else could. Since 2016, his OBP is .376 and he ranks 9th in the majors in runs scored; he ranks 18th in Defensive Runs Saved among all qualified fielders, all positions; his 16.3 fWAR ranks between Joey Votto and Carlos Correa; and his .325 AVG with RISP ranks 11th. He will have to stay healthy and increase his WAR average a bit. LeMahieu is a 2007 right hand hitting shortstop/3rd baseman from Brother Rice HS, residing in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Pretty much every team in the league would offer him 4/60. Bauer hates Cole and that hasn’t changed yes enough money will make it all better but it’s going to take a lot. That’s crazy talk….. I’ve long thought that there’s a fundamental oversimplification in the calculation of WAR, and that’s that it posits a single wins value for a given player as if there were such a thing as a generic value that translates equally across 30 different teams with 30 different rosters. There are few issues in life where the majority’s opinion is so severely far apart from the actual reality of things. I just don’t see it. Why would the Yankees or DJL take that deal? He is turning 33 in the middle of next year. As far as Gleyber….maybe you don’t read the NY papers but Gleyber has lost a bit of his shine with his defensive play at SS and a pretty average offensive season….now you can blame Covid for the lack of prep but it does make you wonder whether 1-2 years somehow in todays baseball world seems to create a persona about a player. He’s coming off a regular season in which he picked up another batting title (.364) and paced the American League in wRC+ (177). Yankees need people like DJ that want to put the ball in play, not people that strike out in critical situations because they are always trying to hit home runs. However, if the Yankees need the 24-year-old right-hander, who has worked in three big-league games in the bullpen at some point during the upcoming postseason, he is all in. His hands are alive and he easily gets his swing underway. He’s a product of that stadium but I doubt he is juicing. Every one of your proposals is extremely team friendly. at age 34 with a massive injury history. Also Cleveland wants to contend so adding these 3 bats will definitely help that. Teams will pay for that. 4/85. Didn’t edit in time. The team lost more money than every other team. He doesn’t dive over the plate like Jeter but the approach is the same. The total revenue lost is not equal to the actual net loss. A player of Judge’s calibre (when healthy) is legit worth $30M+ a season, if they can stay healthy…. Judge, please finance my moving to one of the “socialist” european countries and I’ll gladly go! In a normal year, I would say it would be a slam dunk that he would get >$80M. But nah 7 game sample size means all. I was hardly degrading him, I was defending him and saying he’s not using PEDs. That’s crazy talk…..”. I see a fair amount of NYY fans who have even been for the idea of trading him. This offseason DJ is a priority!! Do Not Sell My Personal Information. His arm is a plus and his release is quick. Is it possible the Yankees make the Mets an offer they can’t refuse for DeGrom. He’s also in his 30’s, so there’s no way he gets 5 years guaranteed from anybody and there’s a big IF with Judge’s long term Yankee prospects given his persistent injury issues. That’s what Mark Texiera said on the radio the other day. Definitely reminds me of Jeter at the plate. We don’t think the foot is limiting him other than when limps around on a homer or slows down a little bit,’’ Boone said of Voit, who went 0-for-3 as the DH. I am excited to get out there again. I would guess their net loss was closer to $100-$150 million. Those qualities/tools project well and are desirable. He is turning 33, but his hitting approach should age well. Hal is a multi billionaire but, unfortunately, cheap AF! “Hopefully he is in a place where he can impact like we know he is capable of in the postseason.’’. A dime a dozen. Agreed fever. The former Cub and Rockie hit the open market as someone who was regarded as a useful contributor, but hardly a star. Trade Voit and bring back Didi. LeMahieu was ranked #15 among PG National Top 100 position players and when it is all said and done in a number of years from now, he could be one of the best from what looks to be a stellar '07 high school position player class. Look how the steps, Braves, Dodgers offenses are constructed. Yankees need to offer $60MM for 5 Years. Not happening. His hands fly from their starting position and fly through the hitting zone, accelerating through contact. Bauer is a quirky kind of guy anyway doubt he would like pitching in NY but I guess if the Yankees offered him a 50 million one year contract he would probably do it. “I want to stay here, but you never know how it goes. According to Elias Sports Bureau, LeMahieu is the second player ever to win a batting title in each league. That’s not really that unrealistic. Your California Privacy Rights I look at it this way, it’s like a middle class American spending what, $200 every year. I could see him getting 5/$90M. Should have signed him 2 years ago. That would be great for the team. Privacy Notice Given his age the NYYs hope he doesn’t push for a 4th year. Percentile is calculated with your top result against other top results recorded in the same year from players in the same grad year class. Too much unknown and many teams have too much obligations already on the books. Nothing that LeMahieu does takes a lot of effort. His career numbers are pretty underwhelming. If the Yankees offer something like that, he should jump at it. Sadly because of him and his never ending Neanderthal decisions, it’s extremely HARD to be a die hard Yankees fan!!! Luke Voit’s 22 homers also topped the majors. So what is this you’re talking about Yankee fans as if they’re special saying their team should sign DJL and/or Judge? Predict 1st rd out of college, unless sooner. Listen on Apple Podcasts | Spotify, Gang's All Here: A NY Jets Podcast The All-Star Game is scheduled for LeMahieu’s birthday, coincidentally, so if the season follows the usual pre-COVID schedule (doubtful, IMO), it’ll be half over before he turns 33; so it’s as much his age 32 season as his age 33 season. Cleveland fans are going to be underwhelmed with the return no matter which team they trade Linder to. You guessed it, second base. frame that has an awful lot of room to fill out. Why is it every offseason Yankee fans think their team needs to go out and sign the top guy available regardless of the contract?

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