Ryan’s message sharing Boyce’s video could be aimed at the insensitive comments and false rumors about her. There was speculation that the actress suffered from an alleged heart attack. People were still coming to terms with the shocking number of beloved celebrity deaths that year and mistakenly thought the Jessie star had died. We can't figure out why someone would start such a horrendous rumor, but it unfortunately wasn't the first time the actress dealt with such a negative rumor. There were plenty of people who expressed their thoughts on Ryan's fake passing, posting for Ryan to rest in peace or showing shock that 2016 took another young talent. Win free shoes, organize your shoe closet, see the latest styles + more, About• But someone was missing in the conversation, someone very near and dear to Boyce. That didn’t stop people from spreading the false rumors. It's unfortunate when celebrities have to be subjected to this kind of scrutiny. Shoes Accessories, © Copyright Your Next Shoes 2010 - 2020 |, Why Emmy Rossum’s Fiona Left Shameless After Season 9, How To Spot Fake Converse Shoes: 10 Ways To Tell Real All Star Sneakers, Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, Kelly Brook Reveals SlimFast Weight Loss Plan After Gaining Weight During Covid-19 Lockdown, Sarah Jessica Parker Suffers Slight Wardrobe Malfunction in Purple Hanifa Knit Cardigan Dress, Pregnant Meghan Trainor Is Expecting First Child With Daryl Sabara, Fall Fashion Icon Olivia Palermo in Houndstooth Tweed Coat and Boots, Lea Michele Shows How To Wear Orange Dress With White Sneakers, Supination (Underpronation) and Plantar Fasciitis, High Arches With Extra Support and Cushioning. After much RIP confusion, Debby Ryan took to Twitter to say that it was not her but Reynolds who had passed away. Also Read: FACT CHECK: Was Nipsey Hussle Related to Emperor Haile Selassie? Cameron I love you with every ounce of me, and I thank you for the time I had with you, being in my life, and being my brother forever and always. Debbie Reynolds…, — debbyryan (@DebbyRyan) December 29, 2016. "[Oh My God] I can't believe 2016 took away Debby Ryan too," one fan wrote at the time. Did Debby Ryan Have a Heart Attack? No, It’s a Fake Rumor, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Princess Diana Was Planning To Star In 'The Bodyguard 2' With Kevin Costner? Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Secretly Got Married On Her 50th Birthday? The rumor quickly spread on social media, despite the fact that the report has not been sourced or fact-checked in any way. Fans also flooded their pages with messages of condolences. The world is now undoubtedly without one of its brightest lights, but his spirit will live on through the kindness and compassion of all who knew and loved him.” TMZ is now reporting that Boyce suffered from epilepsy and that his roommate found him unresponsive. At his very 1st talent show, little Cameron’s dancing lit up the stage, and left everyone on their feet, cheering . It isn’t uncommon for someone to take their time to grieve a beloved coworker’s death. On Twitter, Debby last retweeted a July 5 post on the California earthquake. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images). Debbie Reynolds... — debbyryan (@DebbyRyan) December 29, 2016. Aside from that, Bionda Castana has quickly become one of the go-to brands of many Hollywood stars. Report Claims Actor Is Online Dating, Machine Gun Kelly Pushing To Meet Megan Fox's Kids: Report, Vanessa Hudgens Posts Stunning Photo Looking Just Like Bettie Page. For Ryan, shaking the image of a Disney star wasn't hard. All rights reserved. Bekannt wurde sie u. a. durch ihre Rollen der Bailey Pickett in der Fernsehserie Zack & Cody an Bord und der Jessica „Jessie“ Prescott in der Fernsehserie Jessie Leben. View photos. He lifted everyone around him, and inspired/pushed me to be a better person than I ever would’ve been without his guidance, patience, and love. people are already grieving through cameron’s death, stop trying to cause more hurt for others," a fan pleaded online. Actress Debby Ryan did not have a heart attack and have to be rushed to hospital, but has reacted to the death of her Disney co-star Cameron Boyce. No... guys, that's very thoughtful but it's Reynolds. Debby Ryan, Boyce's co-star on Jessie, was the subject of media attention on Sunday after her apparent silence on Boyce's death sparked a false rumor about her own health problems. Some examples of what people wrote on Twitter include “wait is it true debby ryan had a heart attack????? Somewhere along the way, fans began to believe and spread the rumor that the actress was so overwhelmed by the news that she had a heart attack after learning of Boyce's death. Noticeably silent was the titular Jessie, aka Debby Ryan. It happened when iconic actress Debbie Reynolds passed away the day after her daughter, Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher’s death. Two days after Cameron Boyce’s death, the fact-checking website Snopes reached into the deepest corners of the internet to uncover the truth behind Ryan’s heart attack (alleged heart attack). Home » Celebrities » Debby Ryan » The Truth Behind Debby Ryan’s Heart Attack: Was She Rushed To Hospital? While Debby had liked Esten’s tweet about Boyce, fans felt like this was not enough. She also shared clips of Boyce delivering an inspiring speech in her Instagram stories. FACT CHECK: Fisher-Price to Sell “Peaceful Protest” Playset. Snopes traced the rumor to a viral YouTube video posted by @Dancetayley titled “Debby Ryan Rushed to Hospital After Finding Out About Cameron Boyce.”. What Happened To Niall Horan And Selena Gomez Dating? She has now posted this tribute to Cameron Boyce:However, in the first days after Cameron died, Debby Ryan had not released a written statement like other co-stars. Boyce’s passing provoked an onslaught of heartfelt online remembrances by fellow previous co-stars, fans, family, and friends. people are already grieving through cameron’s death, stop trying to cause more hurt for others.”. Share. - July 7, 2019 10:51 pm EDT. We offer our deepest condolences to his family, cast mates and colleagues and join his many millions of fans in grieving his untimely passing. When the far older screen actress Debbie Reynolds died in 2016, people confused her on social media with Debby Ryan. Even as his star ascended with JESSIE, and he began to receive the type of fame that can change people, I never saw that change. Not even a little. In October 2013, she once again chose to show her mature side at People Magazine’s Ones to Watch party held in Los Angeles. The actress successfully transitioned into more mature roles, but like most celebrities, Ryan is now the target of outlandish rumors. Of course, this rumor was proven to be blatantly untrue, as there were no verified sources that even vaguely supported the claim.

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