How are you gonna take care of that client? I'm like, shut your mouth and actually work and you get it.". And what exactly was the fight that seemingly ended Chrishell's marriage to Justin Hartley all about? I’m also really close to [Maya Vader],” Davina explained. SEASON 1 and 2 of Selling Sunset was all about who would buy the famous $40million house. Only one cast member says they know what it was about. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. Photos Credit: Sara De Boer/, Instagram. The former actress says she and her now-husband spent more than $1 million on the over-the-top affair, with many of her favorite details -- like gloved hands jutting out of fabric walls offering black champagne, an orchestral arrangement of Ava Max's "Sweet but Psycho" playing as she walked down the aisle and more -- getting cut from the final episode. Quick answer: No. "That was the case in many of the scenes where you see me be 'vilified.'". “Season 3, it was, like, every episode was something about me not being punctual and, yeah, it was annoying, but maybe God is trying to tell me like, OK, if you are ashamed enough about your tardiness you will change, Amaza!” she confesses. In fact, Christine calls Amanza one of her "best friends. "They always put that on for me, 'cause I can't clip it, so I'm blaming the producers on that one. EXCLUSIVE: Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles' James Harris Reveals How He Really Feels About Fredrik, Discusses Working and Playing With Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky, and Weighs in on Tracy Tutor and Chrissy Teigen's Selling Sunset Shade, Plus Talks Podcast. But I'm going to make a point to freeze the eggs soon, or embryos actually.". “It’s not like he was a deadbeat dad and it just got worse. box. Chrishell surprised her co-stars when she showed up for Christine's big day, just days after learning her own marriage was ending. It's been more than a year and Adnan Sen's seemingly overpriced property is still on the market, despite Davina and Christine's best efforts to move the mansion. Take Our Poll! For those who need a refresher, Romain proposed with a ring made out of moissanite, a rare mineral, back in season 1 with the promise to upgrade it when he could. "She's fabulous!" “You know how rude it is? According to Davina and Maya, the conversation was actually much longer -- it took place over two hours -- and was not as tense as it comes across on TV. It’s something on which Christine agrees with her. “[Christine’s] definitely the closest to me on the cast. "I went to school for life-health sciences," she shares. "I have speculated to the point that I'm like, I mean -- I've filed a missing persons report at one point, I hired a private investigator at one point. And you didn’t," she explains. Amanza has been part of Christine and Mary's social circle for years, so Mary found it laughable that Christine would put any blame on Amanza for the strain in their friendship. 'Selling Sunset' Season 3: Everything Chrishell Says About Her Divorce, What to Stream: 'Selling Sunset,' 'An American Pickle' and More, 'Selling Sunset's Christine Dishes on Season 3 & Drama With Chrishell, By signing up, you agree to our She says she actually hustles harder than anyone else in the Oppenheim Group, and that's why she’s rewarded. You don’t have to accept my apology but you can at least say, ‘Thank you for saying that,’ or something. "It doesn’t bother me at all. Amanza didn’t love Christine’s quip about how talking to Amanza was equivalent to charity work while they were at an actual charity event. It’s like, not even a life-changing argument.”. He would just be like, screw you I'm done and then leave. He was a really, really involved, connected father, so it's just… it's like a movie.”. Amanza says the show has more than highlighted this character flaw, and she’s working on it. "Did I?" We were all in office and we kind of actually found out together. We don’t know what happened. This article contains details from season 3 of Selling Sunset. Yes, but it's not exactly what you see on TV -- at least not according to Christine, who is the person who announces the news to the team...or so it seems in the scene. I’ve been talking to clients and they’re ready to make moves but they’re still a little cautious,” Davina explained. As for the third season of Selling Sunset, Davina described it as a “really, really good” season and also touched on co-star Chrishelle Stause shocking divorce bombshell which took place during filming. "As a broker, you have liability," Maya, who is studying for her broker’s license, explains. Mary’s co-workers, most notably Davina, made fun of the ring being "not real. Davina Potratz has lifted the lid on what happens between the cast when the Selling Sunset cameras stop rolling during a new interview. "Do you want to be in [the show] and be a villain, or do you want to not be in it, basically, right?" she asks. ", "He feels really bad and I don't think he would ever cheat," she adds. '", Maya, a wine lover, calls it "s**tty," while Christine dubs it "crap. Christine says she doesn’t regret mimicking her one-time BFF ("it was hilarious and it's true"), but does realize it was the wrong time to do it. They wanted to make sure the news was real before they spoke about it on camera. "Just look at Instagram," she says pointedly. We barely made it,” Davina said of production on season three, which concluded right before the coronavirus pandemic began to surge. Christine gushes. she shares. "I forgot I even did that until I watched it back," Mary admits. she jokes, miming flipping a table. If I reach out to his sister and brother-in-law, the next thing [I know], I would be blocked. "I couldn't believe she did that at Christine's wedding and with everything Chrishell was going through, we all knew that was gonna be a tough thing for her. PHOTOS: Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Reveal Their Baby’s Gender! Survey says, yes. PHOTOS: Shannon Beador Shows Inside Her New Home, Talks Feuding With “Everyone” on RHOC Cast and Why Marriage With Boyfriend John Janssen is on Hold. One Cast Member Is Probably Leaving and More Intel From the Cast. "So there were conversations in the middle of that because we're asking everyone else -- we're like, guys, what is this? "I think that I'm very genuine and I’m very honest, I stand up for the truth, and if edited a certain way, then it can look like I’m mean or cold or rude, and I understand that the audience only sees what they see.". Many of those scenes involve Christine -- from poking fun at Chrishell needing to "flee" Los Angeles to process her divorce to digging at Heather for being in tabloids -- and neither woman apologizes for what they say onscreen. If you want to just send it all to my house, you’ll save me a ton of money.". I'm like, I need that lady!". Mary says having to constantly talk about why a friendship fell apart makes it harder to put that friendship back together. "Are you really gonna give someone a listing or a buyer when you're not in the country? As for Amanza, she'll take whatever Jason wants to get rid of. “Honestly, two days before Mary showed up with her engagement ring at the office, she was crying about a dinner she had with Romain that didn’t go well. she exclaims. Still, Heather calls it a total "cringe" moment, and Mary says Davina was inserting herself where she doesn’t belong. But unfortunately, that is on the show so you see a little bit of that. "I mean we need to slow down and then decide when is the right time. After confronting her hubby over lying by omission about girls coming back to his hotel suite with Jason and Brett Oppenheim after his bachelor party, Mary says she and Romain are all good. The Selling Sunset season 3 finale might as well be the equivalent to Game of Thrones' Red Wedding (note: the author of this article says that having never seen a single episode of GoT). Until today, she has acted in just three different television documentary series. Yes? She just references it a few times, making it seem innocuous. Instead, she was simply voicing her concern over the direction her friend’s relationship was heading. Amanza says she joined Mary in going after production when Chrishell left for good. What the cast does seem to agree on, though, is that the “fight” was way more nuanced than it seemed, which may be why Chrishell makes comments in an episode-ending confessional about Davina maybe being right. I keep trying to take it back and be like, no I remember the old Christine. Christine says they broke the fourth wall for a bit to consult with producers about what exactly was going on with Chrishell. I was upset with everyone. People don’t really see that. … If it’s called wine and it looks yellow, it’s called chardonnay, I’m totally down. “I was trying to help Mary and have her look at it from a different perspective. The pair also has yet to buy a house, to live in or flip, but it’s a plan for 2021. Yes! "It would've been a Teresa Giudice moment!" "I feel sad where we left, it's unfortunate," Christine confesses. I’m more opinionated on the show. She still doesn’t know. "He's the most trustworthy person, guy -- especially of his age and in L.A. and all the attention he gets in this industry and stuff now -- he's beyond trustworthy," she gushes. Chrishell shares a lot of details and insight into the sudden demise of their marriage, but she never explains the last fight. Selling Sunset cameras followed Amanza as she filed for sole custody of the kids, but she says that was just a temporary order. But season 3 was dominated by an even bigger mansion that was up for a whopping $75million. For the cast’s thoughts on season 4, click here. I think they think I'm stupid?" Romain, who is French, made the career switch after realizing pastry chefs don’t make much money in the U.S. "If we can't even go in to freeze eggs, should we really be bringing a kid into this world?" “So I was trying to help her and I felt close enough to her to be able [to do that]. "Speidi" would of course be Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who famously used to stage paparazzi shoots during their original run on The Hills and the years after. You're always gone. I literally, like chased [production] down. Like, is it a joke? “I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” she explained. It’s possible I’m wrong, but you don’t see that part of the conversation and so, it’s just edited down to look like I’m just piercing at her, which is not what happened, as Maya attested to.". Like, tell us please. I wouldn’t consider Christine -- I wouldn’t consider her my best friend, I would consider her -- and I considered her before we ever started filming -- a very close friend.". "I'm from Indiana, I grew up in a trailer. Things took a turn for the already-strained pair when Christine imitated Mary at a broker's open on season 2. Still, she’s willing to laugh things off -- well, most things. So, I was more shocked by his, I don’t know, maybe acting skills? she laughs. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can’t say really b**chy stuff and then get upset when the world is like, you’re a b**ch, because you did that. "It's like a radiology technician where I do head [CT scans]. "When they got it -- I was even a little bit tipsy -- and I tried to have a couple drinks and I was like, 'oh wow, that's sad. It's not listed in the MLS. They are Monster-in-law, Selling Sunset, and On the Set: Raising Helen. "I didn't know any of that stuff went down until afterwards I was told what happened. And Davina is German and she may come across a little bit different.". “I talk to her everyday. ", "This is not what the argument was, but it’s equivalent to like, you said you were going to take the clothes out of the dryer and fold them and have them put away when I got home. ", "It was Davina being Davina," She adds. She's brought into the listings because Jason knows she’s a closer and she’s committed. Davina still has the listing, though, and she's quick to reiterate that it's a pocket listing, meaning you have to know about it to see the house.

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