We had SO much fun recording this episode! But in the ’50s, it was adapted as well (though not produced). The conversation seems to be a difficult one, but is broken up by the arrival of a man. The only difference is, the affair is between two women. Abby is told to drive Therese back to New York. Though a majority of beings prefer heterosexual relationships, it does not automatically mean Nature solely allows such relationships. However, there are differences. This is not the case: Highsmith’s first novel was “Stranger on a Train”, followed by “The Price of Salt” published under the name Claire Morgan. Some things are clearer in the film, while others are made clearer in the novel. Most movies show them meeting at the Fezziwig’s Christmas party, which is a logical place to put their meeting, but in the book we never learn Therese will witness more scenes, while she and Carol grow more attracted to each other. She comes across more self-assured than she is. The biggest difference between the book and the muppet version of A Christmas Carol was that the movie had a narrator through the whole show. While working, she meets Carol, who is buying Christmas presents. It's a feeling that you only encounter once or twice in your lifetime but it's one that can be all-consuming. Much later, the two women meet again and sit at a table in the dining room of a New York hotel. But the absence of him and Carol’s daughter does enable Carol and Therese to embark on a trip together. It was not because of the acting, screenplay, music, props, nor the film’s subject matter. She intensely dislikes his family. After completing her purchases, Carol forgets her gloves – accidentally or on purpose. Quite a few critics mention how Highsmith ensured there is a difference between the relationship between Carol and Therese, and Ripley in the first Ripley novel. The short storm certainly showed Patricia Highsmith was wise to publish her novel “The Price of Salt” under a different pen-name. Ripley appears for the first time in Highsmith’s fourth novel. Difference Between The Movie And Book Version Of a Chrstimas Carol Difference between the novel and movie version of A Christmas Carol DIFFERENCE 1: In the novel, Scrooge’s partner is Jacob Marley who died 7 years before BOOK VS MOVIE: The Price of Salt/Carol Love is a sensation unlike any other. ( Log Out /  Copyright © 2020 Margo Donohue. It should never be forgotten, that actors and actresses excel in making the rest of us believe in the roles they play and the fictional characters they portray on stage or screen. The film closes with a promise that perhaps, there will be a happy end after all. For Carol is clearly wealthy and older, experienced and married with a young daughter. Film director Todd Haynes created a beautiful and very moving film. What happened between them in the novel, is a one-night-stand and not an affair or relationship like the one between Therese and Carol. Harge turns up and makes nasty remarks about Therese’s poverty and labour-class background. The rest of the film is a flashback, explaining what happened between the women. He takes Therese off to a party, while Carol goes to another one. He invites the girl he recognised, Therese (Rooney Mara) to a party and she accepts. The suggestion seems to be that Ripley came first. In the fifties – as now – some publishers did not wish to publish her novel which was used for the screenplay of “Carol”. The other woman, Carol (Cate Blanchett), tells them she has other obligations and all leave the building. ( Log Out /  Haynes’ film portrays brilliantly the attraction, the development of the affair, the love triangle, the bitter feuding, the meddling of others and the break-ups. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. It remains a feat of director, film crew and actors, to ensure a film audience accepts a controversial, fictional relationship and becomes totally immersed in a moving drama. One movie has changed the name of Scrooge’s lost love to Alice, I have no idea why. Hosts are Margo P. (She's Nacho Mama's Blog) and Margo D. (Cre… read more, Ira Levin’s Terrifying 1972 Novel Vs The 1975 William Goldman’s Screenplay (Or is it?). It is not just the screenplay which deserves praise. They are having a difficult conversation, when a man barges in and disrupts everything. The book, which the author prized and later disowned, has been made into a movie starring Cate Blanchett. This film would have been treated for what it actually is: a beautiful tracing of a love affair between two people. Carol flips, but when it is clear nothing can be done, she abandons Therese. It deals with feelings like falling in love, betrayal, pain, as well as all the damage love can cause. Therese on the other hand, is uncertain, gauge, poor and doubts her talents. The film starts with two women sitting at a table in a large hotel in New York during the fifties. She also ended up using a different publisher, but that had everything to do with her novel’s topic. This is one of those films which leave a deep impression and will not easily be forgotten. “The Price of Salt” may therefore contain far more autobiographical elements and personally experienced feelings, then critics and readers presume. The historic background, setting, details like clothes and cars, all are perfect. What film and novel certainly share, is the positive ending. Learn more on my Author page! It seems quite a few readers wrote Patricia Highsmith to thank her for not falling into that trap and promising a possible happy end instead. In 2015, “Carol” grabbed the headlines for a while. I am a Brooklyn-based health and fitness Blogger who teaches indoor cycling, core training and bootcamp. This only showed, that a large chunk of the world – or at least a few journalists and some deeply religious people – still have a problem accepting that sexual identities and preferences are not always as simple as black and white. “The Price of Salt”, or “Carol” as the novel is now also titled, is as impressive as the film based on it. She even goes out with other men, though she keeps them at a distance and is more interested in their friendship and useful contacts. There have been hundreds of adaptations on the theme of Scrooge and is ultimate salvation but only one features stop-motion animation and Jim Carey so we pair the … Many different shades of grey and colours are totally natural. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. https://www.facebook.com/bookversusmovie/, http://www.audible.com/?source_code=PDTGBPD060314004R, http://thechingonahomesteader.weebly.com/, The Margos each pick our favorite “Scrooge” adaptation, The incredible life story of Charles Dickens and the reasons he wrote, How England changed how they celebrate Christmas after the publication. Harge keeping his daughter with him, is one of several danger signs Carol and her lawyer ignore or underestimate. There had been previous stories and novels about lesbian affairs, but in most cases the authors felt compelled to “punish” characters for their behaviour. I am also a NASM-certified trainer who enjoys my red wine, HGTV, my kitties and a good read (the order of that changes daily.). A few in the audience of which I was a member, clearly had problems with this lesbian aspect.

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