Laura Miyata, In This movie she plays a Brooklyn girl with a crazy family. Andrew Bachelor, Winston Rekert, TV-PG Drama, Romance. Havent seen Christmas comes to Willow Creek, A Christmas Romance or A Christmas do-over in years? Drama, Romance. Lucas Bryant. | Unfortunately, we have no control over whether or not they air it but hopefully the include it in 2014. | Craig Pryce Stars: Please add “The Christmas List”! I would like to see Borrowed Hearts and A Season for Miracles. Marilu Henner, Somtimes airs under the title "Christmas Crush", PG Set in San Ernesto, California with only three days before Christmas, Nick Snowden needs to rescue a young reindeer from a zoo. All rights reserved. 90 min Granted it came out five years later but it's no less predictable. Eloise Mumford, | Ron Oliver 96 min Where to watch: Buy on, $14. This one came out after Glee hit it big so naturally it combined Christmas and singing competitions all in one. Stars: Desperate to offload her, she enlists the help of a young chef, with surprising results. Thanks, and Merry Christmas. What’s more, the whole family will find themselves singing along with the classic Christmas song. Shiri Appleby, Jana Kramer, David Sutcliffe, Stars: Dylan Neal, Drama, Family, Newspaper reporter Rebecca Chandler, who feels she got no fair chance to prove her worth in her three years career, looks forward to a Hawaian holiday with her fiancé Ryan, but instead of a... See full summary », Director: Channel 179 (West, SD). © 2011-20 Countdown Until Christmas. Really though, the best part of this movie is the ridiculous hairdo Melissa Joan Hart has for the first 20 minutes of the film (see above photo). Would love to see it on TV this year. That's right, she shakes the snowglobe and is then transported INTO the snowglobe. John Murlowski Thomas Beaudoin, | I'd skip it. John Stimpson I do love Tia Mowry but I can't stand Tori Spelling. So many of the newer movies are so poorly written. | 83 min Rachel Boston, | Remember how I said Christmas movies love mall themes? That is one of the best Christmas movies. Stars: When the father returns to New York a year later to sell his Christmas trees, he and Catherine cross paths. Gary Yates | Comedy, Family, Fantasy. Kirk D'Amico Bill Switzer, Not Rated It captures that feeling of being alone at the holidays really well and also shows that one might find love in the most unexpected of places. | Stars: Stars: Stars: Mostly she has to go on a date with a guy she was set up with, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar and not mess it up ( because they are meant to be together, ya know?) Courtney Jines, TV-PG Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. AMC Best Christmas Ever Jackée Harry, TV-G I think we can all guess how the film ends (spoiler alert: they end up together), which makes me laugh even more because SHE KIDNAPPED HIM. Steven Eckholdt, The Bass-Rankin movies are great! Rob Stewart, Obviously, if myself and all these people are writing in about the same movie, what does that tell you? But Jessie's winning entry, "All I Want for Christmas is a Husband for my Mom," has ... See full summary », Director: In the end no one cares at all that this stupid elf almost ruined Christmas, I would have preferred she was banished from the North Pole forever. Josh Hopkins, Her accent is so perfectly "listen to my natural brooklyn accent" that it's almost soothing. | Why can’t we get The christmas list back on tv? In the end, Jennifer realizes her boyfriend is a huge douche, and ends up falling in love with Nick Zano. Stars: In the first flick of the kids’ Christmas movie trio, Allen unexpectedly takes over for Santa Claus. | Like, she held him at gunpoint and deprived him of his freedom. However, the film was tainted a bit by the over-the-top New Jersey stereotypes and the fact that the main character totally ends up with the wrong guy. I cannot believe you are not playing the Christmas List this year…My girls (ages 25 and 27) look forward to seeing this movie every year. Gabriel Tigerman, Crystal Balint, Drama, Family, Romance, When Boston lawyer Mary Ross inherits a house in Plymouth from her late aunt, she has no idea she may have inherited a historical treasure. Two single parents battle for control of the Christmas holiday at the middle school their children attend and learn a lesson about the meaning of Christmas. Stars: Dean Cain, Jonna Walsh, This isn’t your average kids’ Christmas movie, and the striking animation and earworm of a soundtrack are proof. Megan Park, | Stars: Laura Soltis, Unrated Rated: Not rated, but friendly for all ages Netflix has you covered and so does the ABC Family website. Sooo, Family Channel…add The Christmas List to your schedule AND Store to purchase!! Brady Smith, After all, it’s the perfect way to unwind and get in some fun bonding time too. Comedy, Family, Romance. Mimi Rogers, 83 min Gil Bellows, | Since Shannon is literally on a wanted list for STEALING A DIAMOND, she returns to her hometown to lay low and watch her niece and nephew. | Julia Jones, Jessica Lowndes, And here is one that actually is just plain old good: What's it about? | The Christmas List is a gem and the acting is quite delightful. 86 min Dick Lowry | What's it about? They have just moved from L.A. to Canada, and hate the place. Two strangers who don't enjoy Christmas meet at work and to avoid being lonely during the holidays make a pact to deal with holiday ... See full summary », Director: Marla Sokoloff, Thanks for adding “Three Days”. Thank you. 90 min Check out our go-to Christmas movies, grab your loved ones and enjoy! My all time favorite. Hearing that they've "sold" the house, she wants to buy it. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Surprisingly not every movie they've made is super cheesy. Stars: WASN'T SHE CHILLY?? I would like to see it in the prime time on the East Coast. What's it about? Christmas Movies by Channel Download The Appto explore more tools like Planner+ and Food Safety. | Only way to get a dvd copy is bootleg which i refuse to do!! And a chance to buy it on DVD. can’t buy it and it is a favourite by everyone. Michael Stahl-David, ION Channel Original Movies Obsessed with travel? I loved the Christmas movie THE CHRISTMAS LIST. Dan Payne, Thank you for these great family movies and thank you for adding Three Days! There's really only one thing worth noting about this movie: 1) The mall Santa looks like Dumbledore, not Santa. She brings said boyfriend to the North Pole with her (classic bad move) and then he tries to sell the idea of putting a mall on the North Pole to the other executives at the company where they both work. Director: Emily Rose, There's is not much else to say about this one except that if they wanted us to believe she and Tia Mowry were actually singing, they would have matched up the audio to the lips a bit better. This is another one of those movies that asks whether or not a woman can have it all. This is basically a Christmas version of Groundhog Day. | Stars: Director: Perhaps a little Christmas magic can save the day? A newly appointed food critic finds her life turned upside down when her uninhibited mother arrives unannounced at Christmas. Milli Wilkinson, In fact the sister would LOVE to have her come watch the kids again, maybe in 6-8 years though. Bobby Cannavale, It's a little too cheesy for me and Cavanagh's acting style is really distracting and overly socially awkward. | | Susie Abromeit, G What's it about? Please, The Christmas list!! Gotta love a badass bounty hunter who takes down mobsters. Pleeeease play The Christmas List! | Donna Mills, John Bradshaw Freeform (ABC Family) Kickoff to Christmas why hasn’t it been on? Melanie Nelson, TV-G Lindsay Wagner, TV-G To do so, she creates a contest to find a sexy Santa (played by Nick Zano, who I am just now realizing is really hot and adorable) to increase revenue. In real life, she is an exec at a powerful company, along with her evil boyfriend. | Marla Sokoloff, Run time: 47 minutes Please! 90 min Scott Patterson, TV-PG And even some of the corny ones will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and not just because you're also drinking eggnog. Director: Director: ION Channel Christmas Movies Jay Hindle, Stars: Comedy, Drama, Family. Director: Rated: G Sheldon Larry Drama, Mystery, Romance, Kate, a workaholic lawyer, has three weeks to get a haunted bed and breakfast appraised and sold. Jeff Fisher Comedy, Drama, Romance. Please someone play Borrowed Hearts and An American Christmas Carol. It’s my the one movie my mom and I watched when it first came out and every year after. | The main character is tired of her overbearing family and wishes she could have a perfect Christmas. Terry Ingram Also, there is an evil girl who wants to take over as Santa and who basically ends up almost ruining Christmas. It's that time of year again. Director: Please! And please, please bring it out soon to DVD, it is most amazing movie. Christmas movies love mall themes, and I do not know why. Vijay Mehta, It is truly an amazing family holiday movie that should not be omitted from the line-up. Also most of this movie takes place during Thanksgiving which makes it a pretty poor Christmas film. 12:00am – The Simpsons Holiday Episodes Please include it in the 2014 Christmas movie schedule! | I so agree. Chris Carmack, Run time: 2 hours 10 minutes My husband and I dearly love The Christmas List with Mimi Rogers. In it, Jay Mohr has to relive Christmas Day over and over again until he learns the error of his ways, becomes a better father and wins his ex-wife back. We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. In this movie Jenny is called upon to be the NEW Santa, which basically goes against every Christmas story ever because Santa is not a former playboy cover girl, SMH. Good news: Planning an epic movie night is easy during the merriest time of year, because there are so many great Christmas movies for kids to choose from! The lucky lady who is no longer married to the president-elect, Marla Maples, is in that one! 2020 TV Schedules It's not my favorite film because it's still pretty predictable, but I did appreciate that they deviated from the standard Scrooge tale a bit. Warren Christie, | I am looking for the remake of Miracle on 34th St. with McDermott/Eliz Perkins. Some are actually pretty decent. | Stars: Please. Stars: When she goes to a small town to film a special to repair her image, the Christmas spirit begins to change her life. David Winning Please, add The Christmas List to this year’s schedule. | What about Holiday in Handcuffs?!?!? | I had it on my TIVO and I would just rewatch it every year. 86 min | David S. Cass Sr. | 84 min It is unavailable on DVD and the only way to see it is if the Family Channel. Thanks also for the classics like “Nestor” and “Little Drummer Boy”. How about 4th Xmas fair? Enjoy and happy binge-watching! | Director: Is he her Han? Director: Elisa Donovan, She just wants to get away for Christmas (her favorite holiday) and not deal with all their antics. | Kimberley Sustad, But also sweet. Lifetime Channel Original Movies. 87 min Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

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