Vaglio in Basilicata. It has an area of 6,594.44 square kilometres (2,546.13 sq mi) and a total population of 369,538 (as of 2017). There Mass is celebrated with Byzantine Greek rites, the religion of the Arbëreshë populations. All the waiters and chefs are young men and women. Basilicata is sparsely populated and is divided into just two provinces, the Provincia di Potenza and the Provincia di Matera. Four days are dedicated to Saint Eufemia, whom, legend has it, lions refused to eat. But those houses are still there, waiting, and, despite the cracks, they resist time, remembering how much damage human superficiality can do. In some, however, citizens and institutions have reacted to this demographic haemorrhage by proposing tourism and culture plans which have guaranteed their villages’ survival. *Thanks to Tommaso Gasperotti and Davide Lanzilao because, each in his own way, they helped us in this amazing journey. It started disappearing in 1963 when landslides threatened the homes of the people who lived there. It produced so much that 2,000 local residents were not enough to work the lands owned by these wealthy families –  labourers also came in from Salento. Just a short walk from the museum is the village church. His view of Basilicata is one of resistance. It takes courage, of course. Capital of the Province of Potenza and the Basilicata region, the city is the highest regional capital and one of the highest provincial capitals in Italy, overlooking the valley of the Basento river in the Apennine Mountains of Lucania, east of Salerno. There wasn’t a tradition of the craft in Irsina. The on-call doctor doesn’t work nights and, since 2011, the primary school has also been closed. I collect the smells and stories of my homeland and try to translate them into art. You miss out on the little things. Naples is reasonably convenient for travelling to Maratea and the Tyrrenhian coast of Basilicata; Brindisi Airport is a possibility for the Ionian coast, and Lamezia Terme in Calabria is within reach of the Pollino. We struggle through our conversation in Italian, because it is not her native language. This town has a lot of activities in store for the average tourist. “Basilicata is divided into two parts: on the one hand, we have the ‘meat’ which corresponds to the more developed areas such as Matera and the coast. Giuseppe Las Casa, Professor of Technical and Urban Planning at the University of Basilicata, has dedicated much of his studies to cities with very few residents. The new part of town, is an anonymous place, sad, populated by just a few hundred people who have to travel to neighbouring settlements to take advantage of public services that are not available in the village where they live. Despite these trends, there are still young people who resist, trying to repopulate their hometowns and bring life back to the land – each in their own original way. Craco’s medieval atmosphere has led to this otherwise abandoned village becoming the backdrop for many a film, while the language and colourful traditional dress of Albania have attracted curious tourists as well as historians to the tiny town of San Paolo Albanese. In 1137, the city hosted Pope Innocent II and Emperor Lothair II during their failed attempt to conquer the Norman kingdom. Calling them home is Giuseppe Signoriello, 33. This is a unique place where I can find the kind of silence that lets you be by yourself, just you and your thoughts. Lonely Planet guide to Puglia and Basilicata, Hotel Locanda delle Donne Monache, Maratea - review, Official Basilicata Tourist Information website. She smiles with lips painted the colour of amaranth, and doesn’t let herself give in to the dreariness of her ghost town. Although it is still not a major tourist destination, Basilicata does contain two particularly fine spots which attract travellers: Matera and Maratea. “I feel good here. Much of the region is mountainous and bare due to deforestation, dotted with ravines, hilltowns and castles. Craco, a small town in the Matera province, mostly cultivated wheat until the 1960s. “One American engineer – in 1967, when the landslide was 20 meters deep – suggested creating tree-shaded terraces,” explain Antonio and Mafalda, a resilient couple who lives in one of the popular houses on the slopes of Old Craco with their wild-looking great Maremma sheepdog. Okay to continue As waves of invaders tried to take over the region, the local Italic populations fought back: even the Romans, who were well know for their conquests, had a difficult time taking over the region. Compensation of employees, millions of euro: Final consumption expenditure, millions of euro: Unemployment rate, 15 years or over, Total, percent: Total Intramural R&D Expenditure, Euro per inhabitant: US Election 2020 Forecast: Anyone's Guess? But then other times we are treated to absolute beauty.”. Italy Area and Population Density. “We’re ambitious, we want to preserve the breed and control the entire supply chain: from breeding the animals, to the restaurant and people’s homes,” explains Giuseppe. > More Basilicata accommodation. World and regional statistics, national data, maps and rankings, Latest releases of new datasets and data updates from different sources around the world. Looking up in Montescaglioso Ph. While there are numerous small festivals and fairs held in the region, one of the most culturally significant is a festival celebrated in May in many villages of the region: the Sagra del Maggio, known in English as May Chopping Festival. The city is perched on a hill roughly 550 metres above sea level; from Irsina one can gaze over the valleys of Bradano and Basentello. “You feel the desire to return to fresh air. The population of the localities of at least 100 inhabitants in Basilicata by census years. The town has a literary park with an itinerary dedicated to Levi and the places described in his work, and a museum of rural life. During the festival, Irsina’s population triples in size. Sometimes, even just to buy bread. Territorial extension of Region BASILICATA and related population density, population per gender and number of households, average age and incidence of foreigners - Maps, analysis and statistics about the resident population When the construction of the Total centre is finished and the plant starts working, we won’t need as many workers,” says the mayor. After temporary Bourbon repression, the city was conquered by the French army in 1806 and declared the capital of Basilicata. His grill is called Fuoco Divino (Divine Fire) and serves dishes based around black pig. Many are senior citizens, the average age in the village is 54.2, compared with 45.7 across the Basilicata region. But the origins of the settlement date back to early man. The two municipalities have been twinned since the 80s and the mayors are friends, working with one another on a project to highlight the impact of Basilicata emigration on the Emilia Romagna region. He is convinced that creating an adequate tourist network could solve the problem. We’ll see what happens.”Milena doesn’t seem nostalgic for the past, despite the cracks in the derelict church walls, the holes in the street and the barred-off gates of houses once owned by farmers. Despite a scarcity of infrastructure, the town has for years been committed to providing cultural offerings both for the inhabitants and the tourists who come to Guardia.

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