Origin Hey bud, I think I have the PERFECT pic that would lead up to this: Like I said, if you're supposed to be gravitating towards Swifty as a character, do you blame him for falling for Jade? Ah! Goals Oh, you'll getyour control panel all right. Swifty. Okay, it gets better. Thanks. I'm all ears. Swim caps! No! Jade. I stretched. Are we uphill? All right, Bjorn, start the drill. PB is constantly supportive of him, even when Swifty ignores him and is a bad friend. Go retrieve the package. - Special. A male and female otter, who refer to one another as life partners, kiss. Swifty is an Arctic fox and the main protagonist fromArctic Dogs. - You always need me to do something. - Them are the same as they. Arnold and Helga finally kiss after they both confess their feelings for each other. Whoever said that needs to pull his/her head out of the gutter. Once Jade left for school,I turned my focus towards workingat the place of my dreams. Well, what have we got here? Yeah, but, no, no, you're a fox. Determined to save his little arctic town, Swifty races back to warn both friends and citizens. Oh, wait no! Can I ask you something? - What? 1K Views. Oh, the work bell. Swifty - Aren't you worried? Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy kissing on their reunion. Okay, give me a second. Look, just a minute. I'll go get her. Mail deliverMechanic Many years ago, before you worked at ABDS,Walrus was employee. Oh, I almost didn't see you there,little fella. - Where's Jade? - Are you hearing me? PB is also a good friend of Swifty. - Certifiable. Don't worry, I'm getting used to it. It is prehistoric. Abracadabra. Oh, there are so many... Taigasville's biggest celebrities,and easily the most visible citizensin town. Oh... Type of Hero Whoo. ...invisible. Thanks, PB. PB. The dream of being a Top Dog,of being recognizedand standing out from the pack,was so close that I could taste it! XD I'm really glad you like the drawing so much. Hurry up. For years,Walrus present his cuckoo ideas......until they kick him out. Hm. I've done what you've asked. Wait, what? - Swifty! You need to go see Doc Grizzly. He's in his happy place all the time. Now, as promised,I will reveal what we've createdonce it's complete,and for that to happen,I need one final piece of the puzzle. PB! Jade, all of your packagesare important to me. Magnifique. PB vomits. If you feel faint or a cramp coming on,don't hesitate to just leave the sled...- Why? No information - Any questions? That's a lot of feet. Yeah, better not let Magda see that. Here...Here you go, ma'am. - Yes. - Can I get an autograph? You just be yourself. Oops. ^^, I haven't seen the film (and likely never will), so I'm unsure if our opinions would concur. I mean the "just" thingis really kind of... Full Name Wait a second. Yeah, yeah. Ah. Jade. Swifty. Don't you worry, Magda. I SHIP THESE TWO SO BADLY!! - Hey! Take a look at Lemmy over there. It is hot and incredibly stinky. ): Rock Dog, Zootopia and Arctic Dogs United Adagio was in wolf Village with Grey and Bianca visiting humphrey and kate. Let me out! Something very badis going on in the Arctic. So reliable, that fox. Let the little guy have his dream. - Arctic strong. Fox must lead. It's my job. Oh, did I say nefarious? How about now? Oh, boy. Extremely...adequate. And those coconut shell drinkswith the little umbrellas in them. It shows where the puffinshave drilled so far. - It is official. Hm. You never do. He threatens to submerge a group of animals in a tank of boiling water. Watch out! Then what? - Maybe things will actually get delivered That's Spanish for,"Yes, it was very exciting." Huh? We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Okay. Magda, you have madethe smartest decision of my life! - No! It's gonna be cooking. What? So those weren't earthquakes. Well, I guess you would know, right? Magda yells at Swifty and suspends from his job after he lies about a promotion. No, I think not,'cause you're about to see the magic showin three and a two and a one and shoot.. I hate when he's thinking. Whoa! Hi. You're done here forever. Kidnapping the Top Dogswas not an order. I'm really beginning to hate this club. - My dream has come true. Hm. Yep, that's me. But most don’t believe him. We'll see who's rejected then! Extremely We've got some celebrating to do. I didn't say anything. Oh. And that's the last thingany kid wants to be. Did you bring intel? Oh, yeah. Arctic strong! Yeah, right. Do-Gooder Not on my watch. B-A-D. BAD gas. Ta-ta. They got you too, huh? They also learn that dependency is not a weakness. Swifty is an Arctic fox and the main protagonist from Arctic Dogs. Hang on, just one second. Magda promote him,but then cane pneumatic tube system,powered by crazy gas. Oh. Back to work! Ah! Hey, this is so cool. Make processes better. First I want to introduce youto some friends of mine. Hm? Now that the Top Dogshave seen our operation,we can't let them go, can we? Explain this. Enemies - We made it. Must have been exciting though. A few machines explode and catch fire. What kind of delivery is this? Taigasvillians,if we don't stop the walrus,the Arctic will meltand Taigasville will fall into the ocean. If that fella had an inklingof what this job actually entails... Stop, please. Quite honestly, Magda thought foxwould throw packages in ocean, so...good job. Hm - Slow down! Jade. - Are you crazy? Still, not promotion for you this year. - Time to expose the conspiracy. Come on, Jade. We're done. - Of course. That was the initiation ceremony. Nope, afraid not. And quite frankly, I've had enough. It's my job. Yeah, I get it, Swifty. Wait, PB, come on. ...these guys. I signed up for hot yoga this afternoon. Vamooselvania. Is that why you came back? Good morning,Taigasvillians. ...You write reviews very differently than I do. Oh, I'm a puffinand I will sign for the package. with vows (never know when we might be held to them). I'll bet they did, and it's mutual. I think I'm gonna lose a pound. A radio announcer asks his listeners if they’d like to enjoy a piña colada on a hot day. - What's wrong with that, right? It's going to take foreverto walk from up here. How are we supposed to get there? There we go again. It's good for you. Especially how Otto Von Walrus screwed her over (in the worst way), who is her heart supposed to belong to? - Jade! - Arctic strong! Wow. I can wait a long time. Yah! Bertha and Leopoldwill hack into the mainframewhere we find Jade,Duke, and the others are being held. So what so you... I'm sure Swifty and Jade had fun ...mating with someone you love is always more pleasureful than just doing it with someone. ...to our favorite mail-carrying canine. And you must bring here to us. Whoa. - Nyet. Ooh, oh... Oh. Getting caught stealing that old sled. I run serious buisness here. Ninety-nine FM The Blast. No deliveries, no ABDS. Swifty becomes a symbol of hope for some. Now, what'd I tell you guys? Awesome. Swifty. Get your filthy paws off my desk. A tough as nails engineer and pilot, Jade has had it rough her whole life and had always had to fight to survive. To prevent Doc Walrus from destroying the village

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